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  1. Hi, I am in Vancouver, WA and would love to come over to Portland and meet you all. I will check my calendar
  2. I would like to thank both Linda and Sherry for helping me out. You're the best. My machine is back to working great. Thank you. The instructions were very easy to follow. Have a great JULY 4th.:P
  3. thank you both for the suggestions. I am Linda could you send the word document.
  4. Hello, I need help. I know this is a holiday weekend. I figure some one is out there who may have had this same problem in the past. My needle up and down seems to have gone crazy. I try to turn off the machine and the needle up and down keeps cycling. it will not turn off. this happnes in either the manual or stitch regulator mode. I have to go to the back of the machine and turn it off at the master switch. I tried using another button to turn off the machine. Does any one know what is going on??? I let my machine warm up for 15 minutes to make sure it was not cold. it still does it.
  5. Barbara, I am a new owner of a millie, bought in NOV 2005. I love this machine. I live at least 3 hours from the dealers in my area. But they have been very helpful over the phone and APQS has been wonderful for tech support. This is a great machine and I think you will be very happy with it.
  6. I was a piecer before starting my longarm buisness. I love to piece. mostly went into longarm quilting because I wanted to do my own quilts and found I had a real love for the creativity of longarm quilting.
  7. can anyone tell me how to change the fuse on my millinium thank you in advance
  8. My millies name is PATCHES after my father n law's B17 bomber from World War II. It had sentimental value for us. My husband named her. It fits her perfect she is a great lady.
  9. what a great idea JUDY about the trays. thank you for sharing.
  10. great job. I like the look of the quilt. you did terrrific.
  11. where did you get the FRAY Block. I have not heard of this before.
  12. Linda, Wonderful quilting. you did a great job on all the ruler work. congratulations on doing another quilt for Marsha. I love the border.
  13. Beth, I have stitched the batting together using both Linda and Caron's techinques. Either way works great. I find it is important to find a way which works for you. I often use up left over batting in small wall hangings and small quilts.