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  1. I would extend this. I was on a list many years ago and a lady was thrilled because a quilt she had made (pieced and quilted) was to be included in the book. When I got a copy of the book I had to contact her to ask which was hers, as there was no credit at all in the book. It upset me and I started looking a bit more closely at the quilts in print. Things are changing. You see more makers/quilters being credited and I think this is important, valuable, and fair. In the books I produce I will be including information on the people who made the quilts I've used in my book. On the other hand I do give a large discount on work I do specifically for books on the understanding I will be credited. I don't think it's brought in any work directly but I see it as encouraging a behaviour I value. I hope that as time goes on we will see the quilting industry getting better about giving credit where due. Ferret
  2. Thanks guys. The folk at the quilt show do a great job with these slideshows. I handed over a huge number of photos and they made the video from that. Ferret
  3. A couple of things that might interest you ladies, that aren't mentioned on the slideshow. Yes there really is a wall that obstructs one end of my frame, and it's only a 10' domestic frame too, so much smaller than the APQS one. No I can't get around the back of the machine without climbing over it (it's full underneath. The workshop where it was blocked and where I hung it up part done is where I teach. A shop called Patchwork Corner, about 14 miles away. She lets me use the workshop over Christmas when she is away. Ferret
  4. Wow that was quick, it's not even on their blog yet Ferret
  5. google the phone number and email address, it may come up as a known scammer Ferret
  6. It's got some good ideas in it. The layout doesn't sing to me, but it inspires me and the price was good if I remember correctly. Ferret
  7. On my desk at the moment, Quilting Designs from the Past - Jenny Carr Kinney Modern Quilting Designs - Bethany Pease Quilt Artistry - Yoshiko Jinzenji The last one covers piecing too, but I love her use of lines for quilting. Ferret
  8. You can match those blocks up front and back. I did it for one of my quilts. It wasn't fun. I added borders to the backing and loaded it as normal. I added the wadding and floated the top. I started lining up with the bottom of the first row and poking a pin right the way through to the backing at an intersection so I knew where it was. It's a fiddle but with a lot of pinning it worked. I don't think you could then do a panto because of the pins, but given I don't do them I'll leave that issue with the experts. If I were to do this for a customer they would be paying by the hour, and with a very wide estimate of how many hours. It did look good when it was done though The football jerseys wouldn't worry me. Again if they tried to wriggle I would be pinning them till they stayed put. I pin baste. I would baulk at the poly wadding. That stuff is slippery. The quilt top is heavy and slippery I really don't need that much fun and challenge in my life. I would suggest wool if she really wanted the loft but 80/20 would be my suggested wadding. Ferret
  9. I use Warm Bond as my 80/20 because I found Hobbs to be unreliable. Most of my customer buy their batting at a shop where they can handle it which I think it always the best option. Those that post me quilts want me to supply batting and I want them to know exactly what they will get, with Hobbs I can't do that. No two bolts are the same Warm bond is, every time. It is more expensive which means I am not in direct competition with the local shop and that works too. Warm and Natural I keep for my own quilts, I love it and wool Ferret
  10. The quilt ended up 104"x129". I did block it. I took over the whole workshop at Patchwork Corner for Christmas and New year. I bound it there too, there isn't room at home to do it. A local hotel let me use one of their meeting rooms to photograph it. Loving the music Ferret
  11. It went on and off the frame a lot. It had to fit in around customer work. I also did a lot of it when I wasn't at Festival of Quilts last August. Those 4-5 days when everyone else is busy are really valuable and I think I will be taking advantage of them again next year. Mostly though, sleeping less is the key Ferret
  12. Love the curls in the geese, very neat and looks great. The rest is lovely too, but I know the curls will stick with me Ferret
  13. I've been patchworking about 10 years and longarming 5 o6 I think. Mostly I plan the bare bones and work from there. This one was actually planned, as a 100" square quilt. Then the fabric broke the plan so I had to change things and I was back to just having the bones of a design and filling in as I went. The background designs are always what feels like a good idea when I start them. Which isn't always the best choice but I get by. Ferret
  14. Lots of pictures now up on my blog. Click on them to see them full size. http://ferfab.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/prometheus-some-better-pictures-i-hope.html Ferret
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