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  1. Just waiting for Coleen's and Elizabeth's also. I received all of the others and they are wonderful together.
  2. Thank you Jolene for the beautiful block I received! It goes perfectly with the others!
  3. I'm really sorry that I haven't posted thank yous for the last blocks I received. I'm usually very good about that, but I haven't been on this site in almost a month except to pick up a U2U. Please forgive me for being rude and not thanking you all for these beautiful blocks. I'll take pictures and post them also in the picture thread. I received blocks from Bobbi Patillo, Karen Lesueur, Peggy Lucas, and Karen Simons. They are absolutely beautiful, each one. Thanks again.
  4. This is a late thank you to Ruthieq! I received your beautiful block last week. Thanks so much. It's truly a beautiful block!
  5. Janice: I received your block yesterday. It's really pretty and goes so well with all of the others. Thank you very much.
  6. I might be interested in the Red Rooster fabric, depending on what's left. Is there any left?
  7. Shannon: You did a superb job on this quilt. It was already beautiful, and you just made it a showpiece!
  8. MB: You are right. I just bought some of the Lakehouse fabrics that are Hydrangea's, in the pink version. I believe Bonnie bought some before, and I couldn't stay away from them.
  9. I received a beautiful block in the mail yesterday from Melora! Thanks so much!
  10. My goodness Bonnie! You are good at the paint program! When I try it, it looks like a two year old just picking up a crayon for the first time. I don't have any ideas for this, I was just liking Bonnie's drawings.
  11. I just found a Memorial signature quilt on Columbia River Quilting's website that was made for Dan, who passed away. It looks like a nice pattern.
  12. You made this quilt sing! Great job. Love the crosshatching.
  13. I've seen them done in the Rail Fence and Log Cabin patterns also. You can Google Memory Quilts, Remembrance quilts (not sure of the spelling), etc and get ideas from those.
  14. Beautiful Job!! You picked just the right quilting for it! Wow!