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  1. I love the technic that Marci Baker uses. It was first "invented" by Sara Nephew who sold the business to Marci. Sara came to speak at our guild and she & her hubby stayed for 3 days at our house. We went garage saling, took them to eat "Kansas City Barbeque", and really enjoyed them. The exciting thing was that she saw me quilting a charity quilt and loved the quilting. She asked if I quilted for others and the next day asked if I would quilt one for her that was going to be in her next book. Of COURSE I SAID YES!!!!! Her book comes out next May. She said I could tell people about it, but asked me to wait a couple of months before I show the pictures of it. After she got it back she said that she hoped I\'d be willing to accept other quilts for quilting, and asked if she could show it to her small group!! I hope that doesn\'t sound braggy. I\'m just really excited about it!!!
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