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  1. Thanks Sylvia, you are the sweetest! Heather
  2. Dear Quilters, I have used table salt in the past to remove appliqué glue from the bottom of the iron and the iron sole. Sprinke a generous amount of salt over the glue on the ironing board and run your iron back and forth over the salt. Use cotton setting on your iron. May have to repeat a few times but works well. Good Luck, Heather
  3. I am interested in this program, is it Mac(apple) compatible? Thanks,
  4. Wondering what happened with your quilting problem, hope all is solved. Please let us know how you are doing.
  5. Great Fun, I have just the block to contribute - practice block from Moon Glow! I hope she doesn't get overwhelmed with blocks but has enough to make a beautiful quilt.
  6. Hi Linda and quilting friends, I am coming to Portland and will be there for the dinner. My husband will probably coming to dinner with me. I hope there is still room. I have a class until 5:00 PM. we just made arrangements today and I can't wait!!! See you at MQX, Heather
  7. Adorable kids! looks like they are both having fun. Heather
  8. You are an inspiration, I'm going to get busy and get a few things accomplished so i can quilt,quilt quilt. I can't put out the Gone Quilting sign on the laundry basket one more day !!!
  9. A quick note in thanks to APQS , with special thanks to AMY in service. i was becoming very frustrated when I could not correct the stitch skipping on my Millie; a call to Amy and with patient step by step instructions I corrected the encoder wheels and hook & needle adjustment . My "Millie" now runs beautifully and NO skipped stitches. I can now relax and enjoy my weekend. Thanks again for the great service ! Heather