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  1. Thank you for starting this thread . . . here in Texas we are doing our part too. Operation Quilted Comfort for Ft. Hood started in 2004 by two military spouses living on post. When several local quilters attended the post Quilt-A-Thon, they saw the potential to make this a community service project very meaningful to the family members that would receive these quilts. The project naturally expanded to include those soldiers with life alterning injuries. When my friend Lorraine Karl moved to Tennessee she started a new chapter and I took over the coordination of OQC here in Texas. Today I\'m looking at a stack of 25 completed quilts that are ready to go!! To date we\'ve done over 600 quilts between four quilt guilds; Allen, Frisco, McKinney and Plano. We always say to those assisting us . . . "Do what you can when you can, there is no deadline."
  2. Epidemic for sure!! Since our upstairs is basically "glorified, climate controlled storage" one of the two guest rooms was turned into the UFO/WIP/PIPS (projects in PRETTY sacks) ROOM! It is wonderful. Do I get them done? Sure enough!!! That closet is filled with 18" drapery hangers that have the top, backing, binding, and label all ready to go. I\'m my best customer by scheduling myself in one to two times per month. The bed, walls, quilt racks, pine chest, double school desk are stacked with completed quilts. The two armoirs upstiars are full. Next? I\'m taking the doors off the china hutch in the dining room to start to fill that up inside and out! Like chocolate . . . you can NEVER have too many quilts!!
  3. Sheri, Now it is your turn to receive all the kuddos for a job well done!! You are always so positive when others post their pictures. I was wondering when we\'d see something wonderful you had done lately. Looking forward to the answers you post to the questions from . . . Linzi\'s trapunto question. Nancy\'s micro handle question. jbeanier\'s speed, thread, needle size questions. Janette\'s number of hours it took to quilt. I can\'t stop looking at the pictures! It looks like slices of candy on a sugary cake. YUMMO!!
  4. Ladies . . . You\'ve taken my breath away! Thank you so much for sharing. Just wonderful. Allison;)
  5. Hi Everyone, If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Superior Threads Seminar GO!! I learned more in three days (February 7-9, 2008) than I have in 12 years of longarming. St. George, Utah is beautiful and the staff is well . . . SUPERior!! Go visit their website to find out more information www.superiorthreads.com. Take care, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas
  6. This is a great discussion! I re-did my sewing loft and PIPS room (Projects In Pretty Sacks) with the whole reason being I'd dedicate one wall as a design wall. Well, it didn't happen -- too many PIPS! So, at the Dallas Quilt Celebration last year I purchased the DESIGN WALL by Cheryl Anns. It is portable (breaks down to 6" x 6" x 12" and comes with it own carrying case) and free standing (only needs 3' x 6' floor space). I ABSOLUTELY love it!! It solves all my problems. Comes in two sizes, I have the larger one (72" x 72"). Very easy to assemble; like a tent for camping. Here is the information: toll free 1-877-234-0747 fax 541-884-2789 website: cherylannsdesignwall.com that has step by step instructions with photos, a streaming assembly video, images of the Design Wall in use, user reviews, and tech support. I use it a home all the time with it sitting right next to the sewing machine once I get the layout like I want it; no more getting blocks/units out of order! Works super for weekend quilting retreats when the floor space is scarce for layout. I'm a more efficient piecer with this tool. If you are local to Dallas, Texas, United Notions carries it. Or, you can be a dealer for the Design Wall when a certain quantity is purchased for re-sale. Hope this helps you out as much as it has helped me. Allison C. Bayer Allison's Machine Quilting Established 1997 Plano, Texas APQS Millennium 12'
  7. I had to laugh at this . . . all my projects are in pretty sacks so I call mine PIPS!! Allison C. Bayer Plano, TX Established: 1997
  8. Hi Everyone, Well, today is the day my old machine (Gammill Optimum) leaves the garage to go to a new and loving home. Mixed emotions. I do love my Millennium since 2003; full time use since 2006. But, I spent the first 9.5 years of my longarm quilting life bonding with my first machine. I think I hung on to it for a year a half as a security issue. Thanks to the free listing with APQS it sold in record time!! Listed it March 2nd, reduced the price April 2nd and sold it on the 7th. Thanks APQS for being an equal opportunity lister!! Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas
  9. Good Morning Everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out. My machine was doing okay but sounding different this morning. Was in stitch regulated mode doing a panto and it wouldn't hold at 11 spi. Kept increasing to get a smaller stitch but it kept lengthening to the size of a 9 spi instead of 15 spi. Went around to the front of the machine and took it out of stitch regulated mode. Tried to start stitching in manual mode and BOTH the yellow and red lights on the front panel lit up along with a loud, high pitched, piercing tone that doesn't stop until you disengage/stop. Is this the motherboard problem others have had? Why does something big like this happen on holiday weekends? How much is a motherboard and how quickly can a new one be sent to Plano, Texas? Difficulty of installation? I'm full of questions and know everyone is out and about enjoying their Easter weekend!!!! If you happen to be able to help I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas
  10. Hi Debbi, Great job on the heart quilt. I loved your background fill -- just beautiful!! I saw this in a Hallmark Gold Crown book in my chiropractor's office yesterday and thought it good timing regarding your comment ". . . but sometimes it's just not about making money." Amen to that!! 10 Things to MAKE Besides Money . . . make time make merry make do make sense make peace make room make waves make amends make love make believe Enjoy and happy quilting, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas
  11. How exciting!! Congratulations to ALL of you. I'll be sure to look to see when the exhibits will be near me so I can drool at a distance. So fun! Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas
  12. Ahh, tension issues. . . the bane of our existance (most of us anyway!) When I had my Millie (Ethel) on the convertible table she could handle anything. Moved her to the 12' table in December and started experiencing the same issues I had with my other machine of 10 years. Imagine my disappointment! Long story short. Solved JUST last week by switching to a "star" backlash spring and my issues of breaking thread at the bobbin/needle/ and bad tension have stopped dead in their tracks. Ordered them from Brewer's Sewing Supply out of Chicago, IL.
  13. Welcome to Elke and Jobuck! Nice to meet you both. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful quilt pictures from you Elke. Jobuck, keep working on those Veteran's quilts . . .with 108 twin size quilt under your belt you will be well on your way; you will see improvement with each quilt you do. Hurry for another encouraging husband! Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas Allison's Machine Quilting Established 1997 Milliennium on 12' table
  14. Best of luck to you Greg, the supportive husband, and Sharon the new APQS quilter. How exciting and terrifying at the same time.! We are here for you to celebrate and to give sage advice when asked. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas Allison's Machine Quilting Established 1997 Milliennium on 12' table
  15. Beuutiful quilting Mary Beth! I can see why you don't want to give it back to the customer. Thank you for posting the pictures. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas Allison's Machine Quilting Established 1997 Milliennium on 12' table