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  1. This is a great Pfaff with the Butler computerized Quilting on a Falcon wood frame with both 8 and 6 foot poles. Downsizing sewing and quilting room. Pickup in Massachusetts. 4000.00 this is less than the cost of the butler system alone. Great deal!
  2. I have an Innova 18 sitdown machine with built in stitch regulation sensors and a pro touch screen, also has the spectre light led lights, ruler foot, metal stand on casters Bobbin winder included as well as some other extras. I am in the process of downsizing. Pickup in Massachusetts. 7500.00 OBO
  3. I have the Tracy's deluxe table from my George for sale i know MQX is this week and i am in MA. I am asking 500.00 OBO Great for someone wanting to upgrade the George table Has casters, side extension, and back extension, no insert.
  4. This is still available, MQX is in NH this year and i would be willing to bring there as well.
  5. For the head insert and accesories plus shipping to you it would be 3150.00 thanks
  6. I am the second owner of the machine and it has been serviced regularly and taken excellent care of. I can ship the head and insert only for you and would probably run about 150.00 with insurance.
  7. Yes the machine is still available, shipping on the head, insert, and all accessories will be around 125-175 depending on location. The table really isnt able to be shipped as it would most likely cost more than getting a different table. thanks sandy
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