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  1. Can anyone tell me why I can't access Liam Flickr album. It sounds like I'm missing out on a fabulous quilt, but when I tap the link Flickr tells me I have the wrong address.
  2. Hi Carmen, My friend just took over a shop in Plymouth NH and she has a couple of longarm quilters she deals with. The name of the shop is North Country Quilters on Tenney Mountain Highway. Tell her Antoinette sent you.
  3. If I get a backing that needs help, I throw it up on my clothesline and spritz the bejebbers out of it. No ironing necessary. Yeah
  4. I use my channel locks all the time but I removed the thread cutter entirely. It lighten the weight slightly and I never used it.
  5. As always, Dawn, you are the best. I'm not objective to learning new things, I am just tired of fighting for the information so your assistance is a huge help. In all areas of my life this week.
  6. Melissa, I'm "New Forum" challenged. I couldn't figure out how to send you a U2U. Can you email me @ antoinetterisk@comcast.net about spa treatments in April?
  7. I'm working on a fabulous paper pieced quilt which will end up going to a local wounded solider. His wife saw the sample at a shop so the teacher got a bunch of her students together and pieced a wonderful quilt. When its done I'm hoping to post pictures. But I might just have to bring around to everyone and show them.....................Hmmm I don't think that will work either. My daughter is my back up plan.
  8. Thanx for the idea. I'm going on retreat later this month and I have an M & M dispenser. I'm so taking it.
  9. I had so much stuff saved in my favorites that I don't even remember what was there. Boo! I was hoping by now our favorites would be returned.
  10. Back when I did pantos one of the things I didn't do was stitch off the quilt top for that very reason. If you trim the quilt you trim the thread which in my mind was going to unravel. That being said, So Fine is my go-to thread...............love it.
  11. Before you cut it all out, make one block with the new dimensions just to make sure it all plays nice.
  12. Superior Threads has a no minimum and they are a wonderful company to deal with. (You actually speak to a person when you call) and Quilter's Dream has no minimum either. Also, a good company to work with.
  13. You need to piece it on the width. I don't have good luck with doing the fusible right on the frame. I always seem to end up with a little gap between the two pieces, operator error for sure. I've never tryed it off the frame. So I usually stitch it together by hand.
  14. This quilt is freakin' adorable. It reminds me of the McCallls paper dolls and I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl, if ever I was little.
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