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  1. Sandy, Great tutorial! I have a question about the fleece...... does it have a "right" side & a "wrong"side? If so , the right sides of each piece would face out?I've never sewed fleece & bought 2 two meter pieces to do a throw as a Christmas gift. Load with the selvedges pinned to take up roller, don't stretch & quilt away?? Thanks ..... Val
  2. Got it finished & can say I'm pretty pleased all & all. Used a baguette shade of thread top & bottom, and Whirly-Gig Panto by Jodi Beamish which I've gotten a ton of mileage out of. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! 56466.jpg
  3. My client decided she only wants to pay for an edge to edge, so we're debating on Whirl-Gig which I'd done on a previous quilt for her. I'll probably use either a Mother Goose like shade or a buttercup yellow. The backing was too short, so I ended having to trim two borders a smidge (she's ripped the fabric for the borders) & taking a piece from the length of the backing & piecing it to the width! The client had said.... oh the backing may be too small, just hack off some of the borders! Anyways, she's my best client in terms of volume & referrals, so she gets a lot of special treatment. I'll post pictures when I'm done. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  4. I'm challenged in the add a photo dept. so I guess having been successful in posting even one is cause for celebration. There's a red flange between the humongous white border & the body of the quilt. The seams are all over the place ! I'll try once more to post more pics...... wish me luck
  5. /Users/guynoel/Desktop/51944.jpg /Users/guynoel/Desktop/5779.jpg /Users/guynoel/Desktop/37015.jpg
  6. Looking for suggestions for the quilt borders which all measure a different width; between 5.5 & 6.75" The client wants a Baptist Fan design & I'm debating on a separate border treatment. As you can see, there are lots of "interesting " fabrics & wily nily seams. Any ideas for border designs & thread colour choices? The quilt measures 113" X 85" , poly batt, with a cream backing.Thanks so much!
  7. Heidi, Such an elegant & classy looking quilt! Thanks for sharing with it us. Which stencils did you use for the motifs?
  8. Anita talks about her way of using the scraps on her blog. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a slick trick ! http://anitaestes.blogspot.com/
  9. Shannon, About the Maxi-Lock thread you mentioned......... I have a spool of Maxi-Lock Swirls, which says it's serger thread. (variegated) Is this the same type you used or is yours a different Maxi-lock?? I love your freehand design, it's similar to the 3's & E's , & you should look into making it into a panto. Thanks for all the sharing you do, love your style and generous heart. Valerie
  10. Jenny, I Googled for you and found this........... " I don't think Shout Color Catcher sheets are available in Sydney. Having visited the SC Johnson Company - Australia Division (http://www.scjohnson.com.au) website, I see they do not list this as an available product in Australia. However, they are readily available from www.amazon.com. And Amazon.com will happily ship to Australia. The product description says, "Absorbs And Traps Loose Dyes To Help Keep Colors Vibrant". Shout Color Catcher, 24 ct available at www.amazon.com for $4.25 + shipping. Visit www.amazon.com and enter Shout Color Catcher in the search box at the top of the page to find the product page." Sources: www.amazon.com Hope it helps. I FINALLY found a local ( relatively) store that had the Shout Colour Catchers. I was SO excited when I called & she said yes, that I was practically shouting on the phone, She had a good laugh to see how thrilled I was.
  11. Really appreciate all the input. Just got back from checking ALL over town for dye catchers &/or sythropol. No such luck:mad:Tomorrow's another day.I'll let you know how it turns out. Have a good weekend.
  12. Ladies. Thanks for taking the time to reply! My washer is a front loader so I may need to take a trip to a laundromat. With the dye catchers, do you recommend hot or cold water? I'll stay tuned
  13. I've finally finished my daughter's grad quilt which I made from a kit from a LQS. I always prewash my fabrics, but of course these wouldn't be prewashed & it just dawned on me that the few red there are in the quilt may run!! So should I use sythropol & hot water or try the dye catchers first?? The quilt is quilted, but not yet bound and my fingers are crossed that it's ready & beautiful by Tuesday. Any advice would be so much appreciated.
  14. Sheryl, Thanks, this will be like Christmas in March! I'll U2U-you too. Cheers, Valerie