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  1. All, the Milli base extender and spool holder have been shipped to their new owners. kathi
  2. Hello, I have packed and moved a Hartley Milli Base Extender and the Hartely Spool holder three (3) times . My house is going on the market (soon) and I'm not packing and moving these again! I have never used them. They are still in the boxes they were shipped in! Free to the first person who sends me email : Klafrancebeach@gmail.com All I ask is you pay UPS shipping! Kathi
  3. Thank you for your replies, pantographs have been sold
  4. SPRING CLEANING I have the following pantographs for sale. $5 each plus mailing. If you purchase all of pantographs, I will mail to you for free. Popcorn small Willow Leaf Studio Ocean Breeze Lorien quilting Leaf bonus boarders and corners Golden threads Surfs-Up Different strokes Pretty Plumes. Golden threads Floral meander Different strokes Cat. Different strok
  5. Patty, Thank you for setting up my milli! It is going to take me a bit to get my confidence back, but I'm excited! Now, I just have to figure out where everything goes and put it all away! Thank you so much! Kathi
  6. Service department thank you so much! I was so frustrated and on my last nerve and you talked me through the replacement of the tensioner! I FINALLY removed the slanted cover! Once I bent the wings and it was hanging by the "stuck" screw, I kept turning and turning until the screw came out. The stuck screw had a nick in the thread and I have a feeling it would never have in-screwed. Thank you for all your patience and time. Kathi
  7. Hello, I took my zippers off, squared up my canvas....now I can't remember how to sew the zippers back on....and I can't find the instructions. can someone help, please? thanks in advance, Kathi
  8. I live in Colorado Sprngs, and I will tell you we (residents) never expected this fire to 'jump' the ridge and come into the West side neighborhoods. The fire fighters have saved as many structures as they could, and we will not know for a while how many were destroyed. We thank these brave men and women for all the work they are doing. The Colorado Springs community has come together to answering the call for food, water, clothes, shelter and more. please pray for rain, no more wind, no more dry thunderstorms....just rain...for all of Colorado! Kathi
  9. Circle Lord kit and templates are sold. Thank you for the u2U Kathi
  10. I have a NEVER used bobbin winder that came with my Milli. I would like to find it a new home for $150 plus shipping. I will have FEDX or UPS (buyers choice) pack and ship to you. Kathi
  11. I have the following following Circle Lord templates and [Milli] Base Kit for sale. I am not quilting as much as I would like and these are barely used. I am selling as a complete package and will pay for shipping in the US. Base Kit Mini Aztec Aztec Featherz Stella (2) sprio thingys Also the template with the spider and spider web, I am not sure of the name. I also have the instruction sheets that Michael includes. I might even have the DVD somewhere. The above package for $695 includes shipping! Send me a U2U. Kathi
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