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  1. I was stitching out a panto on a customer's quilt when the right handle fell off the machine. It was a sloppy weld, there's white paint inside the weld. Wouldn't you know it....I'm leaving in 1.5 days and have 4 tops to quilt before I leave. ..and the machine breaks! How do we get this problem fixed?
  2. I want to purchase a UPS for my Milli. No where on the machine does it say how many volts or amps the machine draws so I'm not sure how big of a UPS to buy. Can someone pls help me with that? Thx Rita
  3. I have been using the same MnM wheels for years...I think at least 6 maybe 7 years, and mine are still OK. Have you called the service team to see if they can help you out? It sounds more like a level issue or perhaps something caught around the wheels that are causing the problem. Call APQS, I'm sure they can help solve the problem for you. Rita
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