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  1. I was stitching out a panto on a customer's quilt when the right handle fell off the machine. It was a sloppy weld, there's white paint inside the weld. Wouldn't you know it....I'm leaving in 1.5 days and have 4 tops to quilt before I leave. ..and the machine breaks! How do we get this problem fixed?
  2. I want to purchase a UPS for my Milli. No where on the machine does it say how many volts or amps the machine draws so I'm not sure how big of a UPS to buy. Can someone pls help me with that? Thx Rita
  3. I have been using the same MnM wheels for years...I think at least 6 maybe 7 years, and mine are still OK. Have you called the service team to see if they can help you out? It sounds more like a level issue or perhaps something caught around the wheels that are causing the problem. Call APQS, I'm sure they can help solve the problem for you. Rita
  4. It's been a while since this has been discussed so I'm hoping to get some input on how you all store and organize your pantos. I did a search thru all the old discussions here but didn't find any pictures of panto storage posted. I'm beyond frustrated with all my pantos right now. I've tired several different hanging shoe holders and every one of them has ripped down from the weight. I'm thinking I will have to get my hubby to build me a wooden system with compartments but wanted to see if I could get some ideas here first. Rita Northwest Territories, Canada
  5. You might want to make sure you have needles that are the right length. The reason I say this, when my Milli was new I ordered tons of thread, and needles from Superior Threads. After a couple years I grabbed a new package of needles, inserted on in the machine and had those ticking sounds, tension was off or not at all...lots of problems. So I called the service center and once we compared the nbr that was on the needle package I found that I had several packages of needles that were too long! I believe Dawn said I could use them but I would have to reset the timing on my bobbin case to match the length of the needles. It's easier to just not use them as I have lots that are the right length. Another time I had ticking when there was a burr on the inside of the hole on the plate that the needle passes thru. I guess at one time I'd broken a needle and it nicked it a tiny bit, just enough to cause the ticking sound. Easily fixed with a little sanding. Rita
  6. Its been awhile since panto storage was discussed. I need some ideas for storing mine so am hoping that some of you will post photos of how your store yours and keep them organized for efficiency. The Rita
  7. I hope the service center can help you with your machine problem. My old Milli problems also started with the right handle controls not working. I worked with Amy ffrom the service center trying to get the problem fixed..literally stripped the head unit down and could not find the problem. I live in northern Canada so had to make a desicion. ...send it the US for repaid, at who knows how much for shipping and labor, or just replace the head unit. I know an APQS rep in BC that had the same problem, and she told me she ended up replacing her head unit as well....so that's what I did. I hope yours is an easy fix and I apologize if I've upset you with my ventures. You should send me your private email address.
  8. Your best bet is to call APQS and have them walk you through some check points. Also check your breaker panel in the house to make sure you haven'the flipped a breaker. Do you have power to the machine at all? I went through a similar horror story last July, only we could never find the problem and I had to purchase a whole new quilting head. I'mean still not happy since my old Milli hardly had any hours on it. I know these machines are man made and can break down but we pay too much for them just to have to replace them when a circuit board breaks down.
  9. I believe all you need is another fuse. My milli did the same thing, I changed the fuse and all is good! Sure was scary when it first happened tho....I thought I'd threw out the timing or wrecked it somehow. My hubby is an electronics tech so he told me to check the fuse...sure enough. Rita
  10. Mine is doing the same thing, and only when I'm running it from the back end. Mine jumps right to the far right and I can't lower it unless I go around to the front controls, and then I can. It usually happens when I'm stitching a panto, and then the machines roars.....almost so loud I need hearing protectors. I don't know why it does it. I believe my machine was also purchased in 2005. I did call in and they were going to go through some kind of service check with me that required two people...one at the front, one at the back. Well, I never have two people here, just me, so I tend to keep a close eye on it. Rita
  11. I just experienced this same problem and it was the bobbins! I use prewound bobbins from Superior Threads and I happen to have a couple red ones that were too wide for the bobbin assy. I could hold the assy with the prewound bobbin in my hand, pull the thread and it worked perfectly, yet when I inserted the bobbin assy into the machine and pulled the bobbin thread up to the top it was extremely tight, causing the thread to loop and break while I was sewing. I'm not sure if this could be your problem but you might want to check. I haven since changed to Magnaglide prewound bobbins that have the magnet in them......I'm hoping this will end my bobbin problems forever. Rita
  12. Melissa, I've had this problem and it about drove me crazy! First, if it's not a prewound bobbin, make sure it's would properly. Sometimes it can be too loose and it won't work right. Next make sure you've inserted the bobbin into the bobbin assy right. So if you're holding onto the assy, and the open hole is looking at you, then the thread will come off the bobbin clockwise. Also, check to make sure your needle is not only inserted right but that it's the proper length. I had needles that were too long and that caused not only bobbin problems but made a terrible noise! Also, if it's a prewound bobbin make sure it's an L style and NOT an M style. I'm not even sure the M style would fit...I think they are too large, but not sure about that. I have purchased prewound bobbins in the L style that were too thick as well. Done by the manufacturer......that just happened and I've had my machine for almost 10 years. hope this helps. Rita
  13. I too, am awe struck at how beautiful and balanced this design. I've been longarm quilting with my Milli since 2005 and can't even begin to get my mind to design something like this. I would love to see some of your previous quilting. Being a teacher, do you have a website where we might see some? I'd also be interested in knowing if you do this type of quilting just for yourself or for others as well? And how long does it take to quilt such an intricate design? Your inner artistic shows! Very beautiful, you should be proud! Rita
  14. LInda, I will double check the rollers. to make sure they are level. The head moves smoothly from one end to the other, and I have no trouble with binding of any kind while quilting so I've always thought everything was level. Didn't realize that it might not be and that could be the reason that the one side drops like that. the leaders I'm using were installed at the factory and we did find and mark center way back...a few years ago. I will check that again. Strange things is that these puckers happen more on flannel backings..maybe because they are looser woven, or more stretchy. Will do some homework following your msg and see if we can't rectify the problem Thx Rita
  15. Thanks Oma. How long did you use your old leaders before replacing them? The leaders I'm using now are in great shape, but they have tiny pleats in them near where they are first rolled onto the roller....may have been like that since the day I got it...not sure about that tho. I do have a partial bolt of canvas here so will cut new leaders from it...if there's enuff. thanks again. Rita
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