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  1. sheriflemming

    Feathered Seahorse

    Oh you guys, this is great! I love it. You are so talented, both of you. Thanks for sharing. Yours from Hershey PA-
  2. sheriflemming

    Lenni in Hershey PA

    Hang in there, Lenni will be heading your way before you know it. If you want to check on his status call the office and find out where he is in the shipping process. You will have soooo much fun with Lenni. Yours in Hershey- Sheri Flemming:)
  3. sheriflemming


    Hi all- I have the millie with the cq on it and have to say that what I like about my set up is that I can use it or not. It gives me greater flexibility in what I can offer my customers. There are digitized designs out there that I just love and would never be able to get the same kind of accuracy if I attempted it with a laser or free hand. I use my cq, I laser, and I free hand, which ever one fits the situation at hand. I also like that when I am using the cq I can multitask. While the computer is running the design I can be doing something else that would have taken more time from my day. I also want to say hello to those NY gals. I was born and raised in Rhinebeck/Rhinecliff. I am just getting ready to go back to my hubby's 30 year high school reunion. He was a year ahead of me in school. I wonder how many faces I will recognize, because goodness knows none of us has aged a bit. Yours from Chocolate town USA- Sheri Flemming
  4. sheriflemming


    sandra- It will either be the Liberty or the Lenni. We don't have room for both in the booth. It will be Lenni at the Hershey show, so it is possible it will be Liberty for the Harrisburg show. We will just have to wait and see. Sheri
  5. sheriflemming


    Sorry you won't be at the Hershey show, Sandy. I would love to have Lenni at the Harrisburg show, but right now I have no idea if we will or not. Keep an eye out for upcoming road seminars to see if it might be at any of them. Sheri
  6. sheriflemming

    Lenni in Hershey PA

    Hi Sandra- You would have to talk to the guys from Circle Lord. They would have to get the measurements on Lenni and I am sure they would be able to come up with a fit, but talk to them directly. At this point I do not know for sure, but if not now I cannot imagine it would take long for them to get a set up for it. Sheri
  7. Lisa Langlais and I are very excited to let everyone know that we will have Lenni at the Hershey quilt show next week, July 26-29th. We will be at the Hershey Lodge, booth 311. Come see Lenni Sheri Flemming APQS sales and training Hershey, PA
  8. sheriflemming


    If you are interested in seeing our newest arrival, Lenni, then you will want to mark your calendars for the Hershey quilt show July 26-29th!! Located at the Hershey Lodge. Lisa Langlais and I will have Lenni at the APQS booth # 311. Come see us and see what all the buzz is about! If you need more information feel free to contact me at 717-533-1410 or See you next week- Yours- Sheri Flemming Hershey PA, APQS sales and training
  9. sheriflemming

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Mallory and Everyone- Welcome Mallory to this wonderful world of quilting. I live in Hershey PA and always welcome people to visit my studio and test out my millenniums. I am the area sales rep for APQS. I just wanted everyone to know that we WILL have Lenni at the Hershey show next week. July 26-29th. We may not have it at the Harrisburg show, and we won't know for sure on that until later in August. Soooo... if you are interested in Lenni, please come to see us at the Hershey show at the Hershey Lodge. You will fall in love with Lenni!! Sheri Flemming Hershey PA 717-533-1410
  10. sheriflemming

    Length of Table

    Melody- Sorry, but I gave the wrong phone number for Stan and Dee Dee. Their office number is 479-636-0444. You can ask them about the axis limit question by calling their office. Sorry about the confusion with the number. Yours- Sheri in Hershey
  11. sheriflemming

    Length of Table

    Melody- I have a 12 foot table with the compuquilter and I lose about 2.5 because of the placement of the motor. If you are getting an x - axis limit message then it could be that all you need to do is adjust the x - axis so you have more space before it says it has reached its limit. You can call Stan and DeeDee's office and they will walk you through the adjustment. It is not hard to do and takes just a minute. Yours- Sheri in Hershey
  12. sheriflemming

    Ultimate I with Compuquilter

    tammie- Get in touch with the techs at apqs about the transfer. I am not familiar with transferring it over to help you out. I do believe that you might have to set it up from scratch and then you can still use the original table that your millie was on. It would most likely be considered a retrofit. If you call the tech department they should be able to hook you up with the answers to your questions. Happy Quilting- Sheri in Hershey
  13. sheriflemming

    Longarmers and Shop Relationships

    Tammie- Having met you and seen your amazing talent all I can say is that you HAVE to do this booth. You have a terrific, genuine personality that combined with your creative side means only great things will come from this venture. Do not take to heart the attitude of a few. They will either come around to seeing how beneficial it will be for THEM to be associated with you or they will regret their decision down the road. Go for it, girl! Your- Sheri from Hershey
  14. sheriflemming

    This east coast gal feels left out

    For those who run their machines for a business and are in the mid-Atlantic area, they may be interested in joining our longarm guild. It costs $25 for the year. We meet every other month at each other's homes. If it is too far away in one particular month, then you can skip it and catch up with everyone the following meeting. We bring instructors to us in the same way mentioned in the list. Members are given first dibs on the classes and then it can often be opened up to the public. In May we will have a regional instructor, Linda Leathersich. In July we will have Jamie Wallen in the West Virginia area. In September we will have Nicole Webb in the Silver Spring area. The costs are split among the students. The machines used will be whatever is at the home of the hostess, be it APQS, Gammill, A-1, or Nolting. If you would like more information on the group you can email me at I brought in Sue Moats last fall to do a sweatshirt class on the longarm and we had a lot of fun. My studio area is under construction until late fall, so I will not be hosting teachers again until the spring of 2008. I have two machines so we get plenty of hands-on and still keep classes small. One of my machines has the compuquilter, so next year I will be offering classes pertaining to that aspect. I will bring more instructors into the studio after all the construction is finished. I wish I could help you all now, but in the meantime you might want to consider the longarm guild. Yours- Sheri Queen Flemming Hershey, PA APQS sales representative 717-533-1410
  15. sheriflemming

    Buying Used Machine

    dreamer- You are more than welcome to come to my studio to see my set up in my studio. I have two machines. One is a 2002 millie and the other is a new millie with the compuquilter on it. I am in Hershey, which is only 30 minutes from where this used machine is located. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. My studio number is 717-533-1410 my email is Yours- Sheri Flemming