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  1. Non-smoking home; dogs who avoid my sewing room. Will accept cash or a cleared check. Gently used, only for my own quilts, not for a business. Factory maintenance 11/09. Runs like a dream! 12’ adjustable table, auto stitch regulator, 20” throat size, automatic needle positioner, side clamps, laser light, mechanized fabric advance, new Edgerider wheels, bobbin winder, extra bobbin case, pre-wound bobbins, new canvas leaders, instruction manual & video, Hartley base expander, and Ruler Mate base expander (different shapes). Binder I’ve compiled over several years from the forum with tips & tricks, troubleshooting, etc. Really helpful! Buyer pays shipping; I have original boxes. Happy to help with getting it to you as inexpensively as possible, especially if you live in the northeast.
  2. Gently used, only for my own quilts, not for a business. Factory maintenance in November, 2009. Runs like a dream! Features: 12’ table, automatic stitch regulator, 20” throat size, two stage automatic needle positioner, side clamps, laser light, mechanized fabric advance with foot pedal, Edgerider wheels, stand alone bobbin winder, extra bobbin case, pre-wound bobbins, brand new canvas leaders, instruction manual & video, and binder full of tips, troubleshooting and how-to’s copied from the APQS user forum over the past several years. Also including Hartley base expander, and Ruler Mate base expander (different shapes). Buyer pays shipping; I have all original boxes. Northeast Massachusetts. $9500
  3. Thanks to everyone for your support and advice, and I have taken notes on all of it! I'm not quite there yet, I keep seeing things I need to tweek as the movement still feels somewhat stiff. I'm also a bit nervous about actually turning on the machine and giving it a go, but it's calling to me down there in my "lair", so I'm gathering my courage ... thanks again everybody, and I will definitely let you all know when I find what the magic tweek is! To everyone who'd like to see the instructions, I agree, it might help to see them in advance - If you email Patty, she might send them to you, she's so nice and answered me immediately, also adding additional instructions. Worth a shot! Gina
  4. Hi Sue, Thanks a million for Patty's email, I will try her and let you all know how the instructions are. Wish me luck! Gina
  5. Heidi, thanks for your reply. I did use the included washers and took out the original spacers as I discovered the wheels wouldn't sit level with those. Who is Patty Butcher? Is she at Edgerider? because I could not find a phone number on their site, so I emailed them. Carol, if you get the wheels, I'd highly recommend you take pictures of how all the original wheels look BEFORE you replace them, plus measure how high the carriage is and things like that, so you'll know whether or not the new wheels are put on correctly (as I'm sure mine are not!). Also, have something, a book or other object ready to prop up the carriage when you're struggling without another person to hold up the other end. Otherwise, the wheels you did get on will slide off. Aaaaarrrghghg!!! Gina
  6. Hi All, I have a Liberty and after reading all the rave reviews about the Edgerider Wheels, bought them. Then spent two days sweating and swearing (I have no help, which made it worse, of course). I sent an email to Edgerider, they don't seem to have a phone #, but haven't heard back yet. I got the wheels on, but it drags harder than ever, even though I loosened them to the point where they look like they're "hanging" - I'm afraid they might fall off! And the adjusting cams seem to have no function at all now, as the tightness/looseness comes from the screw below. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm feeling desperate and there are no reps or other owners in my area. Thanks in advance! Gina:(
  7. One other question - did you mark the entire quilt, or was it all freehand?
  8. Shannon, Those two quilts are amazing! If this is too nosey to ask, then don't answer, but I have to know - how long did they take and how do you figure out what to charge? Do you keep track of your time as you work? Was your back breaking by the time you finished? Does that customer know how lucky she is????
  9. Re the panto issue: wasn\'t there somebody called the "pattern man" or something like that selling some sort of gadget like what you\'re talking about? I never could find info on it. Gina
  10. To Vicki, aka "DancingStitcher" - Your leaf panto in that photo is stunning! Are you selling it? I love leaf motifs. Gina in Massachusetts
  11. Hi Cathey, I live in Acton, MA, which is I think, about a half hour from Westborough. I have a Liberty. What did your friend buy? I'm certainly no expert, but she's welcome to get in touch with me - it's hard out here, no reps - the closest is in Portland, Maine! Gina
  12. I'm taking classes on Wednesday and Saturday, each from 11-1. Could anybody maybe meet for lunch afterward?
  13. Hi Michael, The Featherz wreath is beautiful, but is there also a border? Thanks! Gina
  14. Hi All, Just wanted to post something I figured out that might work for others with an SR problem. I've had my Liberty for a couple years now, but for various reasons couldn't use it until last summer. I could not get the SR to work for the life of me - constantly cutting out, acting weird, etc. Connie finally sent me a new Crydom Relay with excellent directions, but that wouldn't work either. Long story short, I finally realized that no amount of tightening the bolt would get that little black rubber wheel close enough to the brown wheel, and even if they seemed to be touching, the brown wheel would just slide around the black wheel. So in a final act of either brilliance or desperation, I took the whole thing apart again, and wrapped a wide, thick, rubber band around the brown wheel, put it all back together, and voila! it works like a dream! I seriously don't know how I've managed without it all this time. What a difference! I'm assuming that at some point the rubber band will wear out and have to be replaced, but hey, if that's my biggest problem, I'm thrilled. Hope this might help somebody else, because I feel like the planets are beginning to be aligned my way! Gina
  15. Hi Patty, That is simply stunning. The leaves are gorgeous. Did you make that quilt or is it someone else's? Gina in waterlogged Massachusetts:)