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  1. Marti, Where do you live in OH? I live in NW OH and would be interested in some items. It would help if I could pick them up if you are close. E-mail me if you do not want to put your town on this site,.\\e-mail is: mddeck@roadrunner.com thanks, Marilyn
  2. No prices on the bolts? Guess I would not be comfortable shopping there. Like to know what I am paying before it is cut. Use local quilt stores some; but also, shop on the internet. Having a DH that really should not be left home alone has made me use the internet more and find that I can find many good buys there. When I need to match something, then I go to one of our quilt shops which are within 20-25 miles and there are 4 great ones. Love the stores, but age and responsibilities have limited my going. Am so grateful for the shopping on the internet. And love this site f
  3. ENJOY!!! Christmas is going to be so much fun - along with the rest of the year. Congratulations. Marilyn
  4. Jim, If you bring up the site (Schmetz) Heidi recommended, they list the one for the APQS machines. They list 3 different needles and the last needle listed says used on several machines and APQS is one of those listed.machines. Am going to order that last needle and hope it is the right one. Thanks again to Heidi. Marilyn
  5. Heidi, Can't imagine how difficult it is for you emotionally and for Maddie, too. It does make one wonder why some people choose to have children. My prayers are for both of you - and thank God Maddie has you on her side. Keep trying. Marilyn
  6. Going to try those. Thanks, Heidi for sharing. And how is Maddie doing? Have granddaughter her age and everytime I see a post from you, I think of her; and hope things are improving. Marilyn
  7. Is the Cosmos board the small or large Cosmos? Marilyn
  8. Agree with Sharon. the Superior So Fine works great for me and that is the first thread I used on a regular basis. Have branched out into other threads, but still use a lot of So Fine. Marilyn
  9. Great information!! Passed it on and my friend found more - and will probably purchase this machine. thanks. Mrilyn
  10. Does anyone know anything about this sewing machine? Have a friend who has an opportunity to buy this model (used, of course) and is wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Have two 1630 Bernina's myself. They are old, but I love them. Any input would be appreciated. Marilyn
  11. Haven't seen any posts from Linda Stellar (spelling?) in a long time. Is everything OK with her? Just wondering. Miss her comments and ideas. Marilyn
  12. Darling quilt and I love the way you quilted it. Marilyn
  13. Michelle, Would you mail your list to me. Am interested in some of it, I know and also, have a couple of friends who might be interested - so we could share. Marilyn e-mail:: mddeck@roadrunner.com
  14. Tonilyn, Pleas send me your list of pantos for sale. I would certainly appreciate it. Send to: mddeck@roadrunner.com Thanks, Marilyn
  15. Love this idea. Have been making muslin cases for my quilts and then I spend a lot of time looking for the one I want. And, doing something about the stash control by making the matching pillowcases is great.
  16. It really is wonderful when a husband doesn't ask that question. I do most of my fabric shopping via internet and he just shakes his head and chuckles when he brings in the packages. Marilyn
  17. Call Michael or e-mail him. He can tell you how to easily repair board. Marilyn
  18. Makes me wish I didn' t already have all of those items. A great buy for someone and makes the quilter look very good. Marilyn
  19. Thanks to all of you ladies. Will find an over the door hanger and then try Linda's suggestion for the bottom. Would not have even thought about the bottom. Don't know if this is for inside or outside. DD lives in CA and I live in NW Ohio. Weather conditions are quite different, so she may b e using it on the outside of the door. Marilyn
  20. Never having made a wall hanging for a door, and having limited imagination, can someone tell me how they hang a wall hanging on a door. Making a Halloween wall hanging for DD and she wants to hang it on a door. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Marilyn
  21. Just love this quilt!!!! Have a niece visiting for a couple of days starting this evening. She is a beginning quilter and not inhibited by quilting "rules". Two of the quilts she has finished were crazy, but fabulous when finished. Will show her your quilt and know she will want to try your techniques. Might even try it myself. Thanks so much for sharing. Marilyn
  22. Have Circle Lord boards. Love them. Easy to use. Results are great. Have more than the large boards, but the large boards are great for edge to edge. The other boards are great for custom-type quilting. Have never had R-n-S, so can't compare. Like the fact that their large boards come as a complete set and once they are on you don't have to move them to complete row. Marilyn
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