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    gardenslug reacted to T Row Studio in another ice dyed piece transformed   
    I attended our guild retreat this week-end and showed the ladies how to Ice Dye this is what they created.We had so much fun
    .I took my piece and quilted it. I extended the design elements of the ice dyed piece into the large borders. I used the new superior thread Omni Varigated thread called Harlequin. the runner started out 14" x 56" now with the shirt weight denim borders it is 48" x 77"  I will be able to use it as a summer throw or a table cloth for our large table and enjoy it.

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    gardenslug reacted to T Row Studio in Chop Sticks Quilt   
    Jan's custom quilt, made using Jay Bird design Pattern called Chop Sticks., and fabrics by Jackie Studios called Heavy Metal. It turned out amazing. I SID around the triangles and added two straight lines in the narrow border and loops in the larger borders. the centers I did a different fill in each one. That was a bit of a challenge for sure. Jan was over the moon excited when she saw it. She chose to use a fireside fleece on the back and a wool for the batting so there is beautiful definition on the stitching. She went right home and threw it on the bed and sent me a picture. I think she likes it. What do you think? I did add a before picture, top right. Thanks for looking have a great day

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    gardenslug reacted to Leida Glez in This is my last custom quilting.   
    Will I have to quilting with fever ????  I love how it looks.

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    gardenslug reacted to LibbyG in Spring Basket -It's a Winner-And it's BEST OF SHOW   
    My customer just won First Place, favorite quilt from the guild members and People's Choice at her local guild.  I used So Fine and Bottom Line.  Hobbs 80/20 and Dream Wool.  This is a picture of Shirley and her grandaughter who will eventually receive the quilt.
    Spring Basket 031 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Spring Basket (7) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Spring Basket (5) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Spring Basket (9) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Spring Basket (10) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    gardenslug reacted to dlnewell in Some of my recent customer quilts   
    I've been really busy, trying to get "Caught Up" with my customer quilts. Here are a few pics.  Some were too big for my display rack and I couldn't step back far enough to get the whole view on a couple of them. 
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    gardenslug reacted to T Row Studio in wall hanging Done   
    Here is what I did yesterday. This wall hanging is a sample for a local pattern designer in my area the pattern can be purchased on her web sitequilterclutter.com and the pattern name is Spring Blossums QC227-09 I have a before quilting picure and there is alot of Stitch in the ditch and continuous curves to enhance the piecing thanks for looking
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    gardenslug reacted to T Row Studio in Sunflower tote   
    Here is the latest thing I quilted. I took an old pair of jeans my daughter could not longer wear and up-cycled them to create this sunflower bag. I stitched sunflowers with loose background fill,and pebbles, I also added spider webs and spiders. This was a lot of fun I have another pair waiting for  to transform. Thanks for looking have a great friday
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    gardenslug reacted to T Row Studio in Eye spy quilt for my Grandson   
    Here is the latest eye spy, Road racing quilt I made for my grandson, He turned one year old yesterday and he is such a little boy

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    gardenslug reacted to LisaC in Desert 9 Patch   
    Here is my version of Karen  Montgomery's Painted Desert quilt. I made the top two years ago and couldn't quite decide on a quilting design. Once I did; I needed (wanted) a circle maker to execute the sunburst design. My talented husband made me one for Christmas and I commenced to stitching circles. I ditched the entire quilt with Sew Fine and then used a salmon variegated Magnifico thread by Superior for the sunbursts; and Glide Prickly Pear for the grid work. I used Lisa Calle's Pro-Echo rulers to do the Continuous Curves. I love how it turned out and am pleased with the results. Thank you for looking.
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
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    gardenslug reacted to Cagey in NRQ Prayers Needed   
    I have found quilting to be so interesting and to cross so many boundaries.  It has expanded my views and interests much more than I ever could have imagined. 
    I made my first quilt to honor my deceased sister, when her daughter had the first grand child.  My sister always made something for my five daughters, so I figured I could make something for her daughter/grand-daighter.  While she did not have much money, she was wealth beyond all imagination with her generosity and creativeness in knitting.  That started my whole interest in quilting and sewing.  
    My third quilt was for an old family friend that was battling brain cancer.  The whole time I was piecing the quilt, I thought about the good times we as a family had experienced together and how much they meant to my parents.  I hoped that he would use the quilt to keep warm as he went to his chemo treatments.  I like to think that as many stitch that went into the quilt, equaled the prayers made for him.  I do know while cancer may taken him from us, he won the battle by hanging on for much longer than the doctors expected.  Though he was Jewish, his memorial was rather eclectic; with the rabbi opening the service, with a Baptist minister talking about his courage facing his illness, where a Muslim imam giving the eulogy, and finally the rabbi closed the service.  Looking back, he brought so many people together simply by being the person he was and being supportive of his fellow man.
    Now I find myself when saying my prayers remembering so many people, Rita, Heidi's family, Judith, M.E, and the list goes on and on and on.  While we may not have ever meet in person, we are a family supporting our craft and love.  One where we offer tips and support, while at the same time being there when needed.  For this I am thankful and grateful.  I thank all of you for being such wonderful quilters and supportive of family and our art.  Take care and God Bless.  
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    gardenslug reacted to Mary Beth in In a rut!   
    Coming form someone who had it!! Me. I bought my Millie in 2004, I quilted for 5 years, then I blew a gasket. I went back to work because our health insurance through my husband's job was out the roof. Also, we sat down and figure up how much an hour I was making at quilting, and it was poverty wages. After I went to work, I decided to quilt for 3 of my favorite customers, and leave it at that. One dropped me because her granddaughter wanted a side job, so she bought her a quilting machine. The second one, I called when my mom had the stroke, and told her what had happened. I had a quilt of hers that she wanted to enter into the fair, the next summer, so like almost 1 year away. She was fine with that and insisted that my mom was more important. Then she called me a week later wanting to know if my quilt was done. I reminded her that is was not and why. Two week later, I took a couple of days off work to dedicate to working on her quilt, and her daughter-in-law called and left a message wanting to know why the quilt was not done and where was it, yada-yada. That was my breaking point. I called my customer and asked why she had her dil call me. I told her she was my customer and I would no discuss our business with her family. Then I told her I would be right over with the quilt. I had one border done. I had stencil marks all over the quilt. I had batting attached. I was so mad my voice was shaking. When she came to the door, she invited me in. I loved this woman. She was elderly and probably the best piecer I have ever seen. Her quilts were edgy. Anyway, I did not go in. I just shoved the quilt through the door at her. She told me she would pay me for the batting. I told her to just take it. I was so mad. She said that she hoped it didn't hurt our friendship. I really did like her, and I wish I had not gotten so blown out of the water about it....but I did. Then I went home and paced. Then I sold everything. EVERYTHING!!! I bagged up fabric....like 7 trash bags full and donated it to charity. Wish I had some of that back, lol. It was all my breaking point. 
    I say all of that, to say this. Please, take a step back. If you have quilts to get done now, just do what you can, then take a break. Do something for yourself. Schedule a massage. Get your hair done. Get a mani and pedi. Buy a new outfit. Get out of the studio and enjoy some nature. Start taking walks every day, no matter how many quilts are waiting or need to be finished yesterday. Make "ME" time. 
    I have learned so much during my break from quilting. Here they are:
    1. If you sell your machine, it is 100 times harder to talk your husband into buying another one 
    2. Customer's are demanding, and want everything for nothing. I work at a GPS company in Customer Service. We have customers call in wanting new accessories for devices that are 10 years old. I have had to learn to say "no" and they are okay with that. 
    3. When I first went to work in public, I hated telling the customers, "the price is..." . Sometimes I felt it was way too high. You know what, that was the price, they could take it or leave it. 
    4. My time is valuable. I am a trained professional, who deserves to be paid for my job. 
    Please don't let customers make you feel bad about how much you charge. 
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    gardenslug reacted to Quilting Heidi in Star quilt finally off the frame!   
    I finally got my star quilt quilted.  I've also named it Luminous Splendor.  It has been accepted in MQX so I have to hurry and get the binding done.  Here is a picture of a corner of the quilt.  This quilt is only 32 x 32 so this is almost to the middle :-).  I also included a picture of it soaking in the tub.  I always soak my quilts in the bathtub to remove all the blue marks.  Once it has soaked well, usually at least an hour or more, then I run it though my front loader on a delicate cycle.  Then I block it on a piece of insulation foam.  Next up is the binding!  I've decided on prairie points in pink and green.  I hope it work the way I think it will.  

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    gardenslug reacted to Sheagatzi in A modern quilt for my bed   
    I call myself the 'cobbler with no shoes'  because I quilt for everyone else except me!  
    So my goal was to make a quilt for our new house,   our new bed....
    I wanted calm neutral colours reminding me of sand or pebbles.....I made this quilt  using the pattern "Sweet Garden" from Carolina Patchworks.    I was intending to make the entire king size with this pattern -  and I did.  Then I hated it, so I chopped 2/3s of the pattern off and added white for some neutral breathing space.  
    Simple quilting in between the blocks.   
    And then I got carried away in the white.     [
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    gardenslug reacted to LibbyG in Imaginary Day -Wall hanging   
    When I saw this quilt, I realized it gave me a chance to try some the beautiful designs I've seen in other quilts.  I wanted to find a way to divide each block and my customer loved the results.  The double batting didn't work well with the paper used for the applique covering the entire back.  So Fine and Bottom Line thread.
    Imaginary Day 028 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Imaginary Day 037 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Imaginary Day 045 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Imaginary Day 035 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Imaginary Day 033 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Imaginary Day 032 by Libby G, on Flickr
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    gardenslug reacted to Oma in Posting a picture using cell phone test and a quilt pic   
    I just finished this top.  The strips were from a quilt class mystery day thing I did last summer. We sewed together a jelly roll strip quilt then cut it up and added solid colors to make a star in the center. I really didn't like the quilt pattern she did so I just hung on to my sewn strips until something hit me to do with them.  I decided on the embroidered hot air balloons worked into the quilt some how.  I ended up going a simple way and doing this with it.  Now I need to decide on how to quilt it.
    The test for the posting the pic from my smart phone didn't work.  I even resized the photo.  I'll work on figuring that out later.
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    gardenslug got a reaction from Mary Beth in Freedom   
    No prices on the bolts?   Guess I would not be comfortable shopping there.  Like to know what I am paying before it is cut.   Use local quilt stores some; but also, shop on the internet.   Having a DH that really should not be left home alone has made me use the internet more and find that I can find many good buys there.  When I need to match something, then I go to one of our quilt shops which are within 20-25 miles and  there are 4 great ones.   Love the stores, but age and responsibilities have limited my going.  Am so grateful for the shopping  on the internet.   
    And love this site for information and just to see what others are doing.
    And Mary Beth, so glad to see you back' have missed reading you posts.
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    gardenslug reacted to ffq-lar in Vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt   
    My customer picked up this vintage DWR top at a local antique mall for $60. The fabric is vintage feed sacks with 1930's solids and everything is hand-pieced except the green four patches. One piece in an edge arc had a hole and she replaced with a scrap of 30's feed sack fabric she inherited from her mom. One or two arc seams were repaired as well. It has some stains and dye transfer from being folded on itself, but she'll use Synthrapol and a mild restoration soap to do the final cleaning after she binds it. Wool batting made everything so nice.
    I did an era-friendly flower design, a double leaf in the yellow football shapes and CC's over pairs of arc piecing. She's in love with it and so am I!
    Here's a link to Flickr. Arrow right when you get there for detail shots. Thanks for looking! I'm off to MQX tomorrow and so excited to see everyone!
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    gardenslug reacted to kkey1030 in Machine Rentals   
    If you go to the APQS website, it has a list of APQS stores.  Some of them list their rental costs if you click on "more information" next to the store's info.  I would imagine that this would be a good place to start in making a list of rental sites.
    If you are certified at one site, will other sites accept your rental certification?
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    gardenslug reacted to Quilting Heidi in Progress on Star quilt   
    David here is a picture of a little more than half of the the quilt.  You can see if I didn't draw out the detail I could easily get off track.  I do adjust the feather fronds as I'm quilting and I don't get too wrapped up about tracing them.  

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    gardenslug reacted to Quilting Heidi in Progress on Star quilt   
    I posted pictures on FB but I know many of you aren't on FB so I'll post here too.  Progress has been slowed due to a pinched sciatic nerve that I've now been fighting for 3 weeks.  The pain has been horrible.  I got a shot in my back last Wed. and that has helped.  I have 3 herniated disks and narrowing of the canals.  It takes a lot to put me down but this sure has!  I can't stand for more than 10 min. without the pain elevating.  Mornings are the absolute worst and suck the life out of me for almost 2 or 3 hours.  I hope it gets better soon.  In the meantime I've had time to work on my star quilt a little.  Thank goodness for my saddle stool because without being able to sit I wouldn't be able to quilt at all.  I can quilt for an hour or so at a time and then have to take a break so it is slow going.  Since the quilt is only 33" it is going quickly.  I've added some money in the pictures so you can get a size perspective.  The little pebbles are 3/16".  I'm almost done stabilizing the whole quilt and have the "big" outside feathers almost done, they are probably 3" x 7" or so, maybe a little longer. I love doing this little work.   

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    gardenslug reacted to Battynurse in Finished a Quilt   
    So I finally finished a quilt that I started a couple months ago. I had some problems with skipped stitches on the appliqué parts and I still need to add eyes to the big bat. I also tried something I had heard do but never done. I ironed my appliqué pieces down and then sewed them down as part of the quilting. I don't honestly love the look of that method so I probably won't do it again. Also my quilting elsewhere is basically just a loopy meander.
    I haven't been putting much time into quilting lately and hoping that will change. Im moving next weekend and will have more space. I will have a room just for my long arm that will be cat free. That way I will be able to put a quilt on my frame and work on it a little at a time instead of holding off putting a quilt on only when I know I've got a good large block of time to start and finish a quilt.

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    gardenslug reacted to RoseCity Quilter in Roger's Inverted Prismatic Star   
    I quilted my 1st quilt on my new Milli! It was one made by my hubby, Roger. He used a pattern from Judy Niemeyer, only he turned the final four quadrants so the star was not in the middle, leaving me lots of negative space to quilt....I will admit at 1st I was very intimidated, but after a little planning my mojo came back and I had fun with it! Appropriate to have fun on the 1st quilt of a new machine!
    Inside out Fractured Star by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Inside out Fractured Star by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Inside out Fractured Star by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Inside out Fractured Star by -RoseCity Quilter-
    For the complete story as well as some pictures of our 1st attempts at Quilt path on my old machine, see my blog, https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/rogers-prismatic-star-and-some-learning/
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    gardenslug got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Schmetz needles   
      Can't imagine how difficult it is for you emotionally and for Maddie, too.  It does make one wonder why some people choose to have children.   My prayers are for both of you - and thank God Maddie has you on her side.
      Keep trying.
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    gardenslug got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Schmetz needles   
    Going to try those.  Thanks, Heidi for sharing.
    And how is Maddie doing?   Have granddaughter her age and everytime I see a post from you, I think of her;  and hope things are improving.
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    gardenslug reacted to LibbyG in Bargello   
    This was a new customer who was given my name by a local quilt store.  She wanted me to quilt this they way she handquilts them with just circles.  Finally I told her I couldn't do it her way because it would be too much moving of the quilt back and forth which could cause ripping with the needle down.   She said she just doesn't like feathers, but the lady said to do what she wanted so I could go ahead.
     I decided to just stipple the background because you couldn't really see the design with the "starry night" fabric, and I felt I could draw up that extra 3 inches along the way.
    She added a 13 inch blue strip across the top.  The spikes were 21 inches long and I decided to just do two lines, one up and back to the 12th and the 6th block.  She ended up putting a normal binding on and the customer loved it.
    Spiky Bargello by LibbyG7, on Flickr
    Spiky Bargello by LibbyG7, on Flickr
    Spiky Bargello by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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