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  1. i have a tendency to pitch a fit if the quilt doesn't "tell" me how it wants to be quitled. Nine times outa ten, we're gold for the quilting speaking to me. but i have been known to stare at a quilt top for hours perplexed..go figure!
  2. i absolutely love useing patterns, whether i trace the pattern with a fabric marking pen that washes out later or use pounce chalk i stencil like no ones business! You are still going about it free handed, but you have that guide line so to speak. I have a few stencils that i have used so much that i can ALMOST do them without the stencil, but i do like having the crutch of the outline there. BEST OF LUCK & HAPPY QUILTING!:cool:
  3. i shared this with my friend and co-worker and we giggled for a good half hour. My favorite is a tie between The Nursing Bra or Vote for your Favorite... i just can't decide!
  4. i am floored! i looked in the local paper and another for a neighboring town and found NOTHING for auto mechanic. Sorry Teresa! wish we could have been more help! I am not sure why i am surprised though. Colorado is closing two prisons! Imagine that one!?!?!
  5. that is a sweet deal! very very VERY pur-t-ful
  6. Myrna, you have been sorely missed by me! Thanks for all your inspiration and involvement in my learning! NEVER CHANGE!!!!!
  7. more Gilmore Girls junkies! yea! my daughter and i watch that show religiously! i am usually listening to guitar hero while doing anything quilt related. I put our gaming TV in my quilt studio so my son and i actually get to spend time together...granted we rarely speak, but we're in the same room! He's almost 18 and i get the feeling he won't be living with me very much longer so i am enjoying what time i have left with my baby boy!
  8. i agree! theya re now only 20 votes behind 5th place! yea!
  9. personally i only pin and then float the top, i use 2 inch or maybe they are only 1 inch safetly pins to pin my backing to the leaders. It took one time of being stuck with a hat pin for me to realize that no one should swear that much!:cool:
  10. on myspace if you want to look around and read, browse...whatever you can. BUT to post commetns and such you need to be a member. It takes a few minutes to setup, but after that it is cake to deal with. WARNING: it can also be addictive ... this warning comes from experience, the entire time i was out of commission with an ankle break this summer i became addicted to myspace and you tube! it was awful to have to go back to work and actually have to work on a computer! Sue, ur blog is quite an eye opener. Just to think that I have been called the wrong name for all these years!
  11. i just wanna reach in a pinch those cheeks! OMGosh she is adorable!
  12. at least i was until this week! I had the pleasure of getting to use Grammie Tammie's CompuQuilter this week and have to say that i was not only completely impressed with the machine, but in awe of it! Go figure, something that made ME speechless! Who knew that was possible?!?!?! If any of you get the chance to operate one of these machines or see it in action...DO IT! Hope everyone is doing well! HAPPY QUILTING!:cool:
  13. R~ no luck from me with this fabric. Sorry that i wasn't able to get back to you sooner than today.