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  1. Just wondering if your machine is still available. Thanks! Joy
  2. Jane, George will be at Euro Quilt in Lyon. I have a store in the west of Lyon - where are you? I am an American but have been living in France for 18 years. I currently have a Millenium in my store. Joy Sims
  3. I was wondering if someone can explain how (or if) I can load a quilt that is already hand-basted together and that has two center blocks quilted by hand. This is an applique quilt that has been sitting in my closet for a very long time and I would like to load it on the Millie and finish it. It is possible or would it be best to completely tear out the hand quilting and basting and start anew? I thought I had already read about this but in doing a search, I can't find any advice. Thanks!
  5. joyfulstitches


    Est-ce que nous allons voir George d?barquer en France aussi? Je le trouve formidable comme id?e!
  6. It's beautiful! Thanks for letting us see your work! Keep it up!
  7. Birgit, It is beautiful! I think your work is really original and so well done. Congratulations!! Joy
  8. All I can say is....OO LA LA...your quilt is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Joy
  9. Thank you - I thought maybe it meant "lots of luck!" Now, as the French say, I will go to bed less stupid!
  10. I was just wondering what LOL means - this Forum talk is all new to me! I finally figured out SID and DH... Thank you! Joy
  11. Dear Sue, Thank you for your note. I am going to try one more cheaters cloth before loading on a real-live quilt. I find the hardest part is the loading!! We do have a couple of quilting magazines here in France. We have QuiltMania and MagicPatch. I don't believe there are many others although in Marie Claire Id?es there is often a quilted project. I am very familiar with the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine - I love it! I love the style there. I also bought Romantic Quilts which I believe is a compilation of projects from that magazine. I haven't had time to make any of
  12. Maid service for a year! That sounds wonderful. I used to be good about cleaning - now....well, let's just say that my dh and son help alot! I have never heard about these vacuums - remember that I live in France. I don't think they have hit the market here yet. I have to go online to see what you are all talking about.
  13. Juste un petit mot pour dire que j'ai fait mon premier patch avec cette formidable machine - Millenium! C'est un faux patch (un paneau imprim?) mais j'en suis fi?re quand-m?me! Si il y des personnes passion?es de patch comme moi, il vous faut voir cette machine - elle est merveilleuse!
  14. If I want to use rulers to do some straight line quilting, is it best to have the stitch regulator on or off? In doing some practicing, with the Hartley base expander, I had some problems with the stitch regulator going crazy. Perhaps I was pushing down too hard with the ruler. Any help would be appreciated! Merci beaucoup!!
  15. Merci, Phil pour ce forum! C'est formidable de pouvoir poser des questions, s'encourager, et partager des id?es avec tout le monde. Je suis novice avec ma Millenium mais, c'est d?j? une passion! J'en reve la nuit!! Bienvenue ? toutes et tous les longarmeuses qui parle la plus belle langue du monde!
  16. I'm really new at all of this - just got my machine on Tuesday. I don't know much about other machines out there - in Europe there aren't alot of machines available BUT all I know is that I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with some of the people from APQS and I am sold on their machine not simply because it is a fabulous tool but also because they are a great group of people who I am proud to be associated with. In this day and age, I think that counts for alot!
  17. Your work looks beautiful! I took a class with Karen and I am very impressed with what you have done. Keep up the great work! Joy
  18. Claudia, I posted a little note on your German page but wanted to say again that your wholecloth quilt is gorgeous! Im anxious to try that myself someday! Have a good day. Give my regards to your wonderful staff! Joy
  19. Claudia, It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are an artist and your work is wonderful. Have a good day! Joy
  20. Thank you for the advice. I will be getting my machine soon and, frankly, I am scared to death. My business partner (we own a store together) is less enthusiastic about the idea than I am so I already feel a certain amount of pressure to suceed. This coupled with the fact that this business is brand new in France and we don't know if the French quilters will be receptive to having their quilts machine-quilted makes it even harder. Fortunately my family is behind me and I felt extremely supported by the APQS staff that I met recently in Germany. I will try to put your advice into practice
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