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  1. I purchased Zipper Leaders at MQX. How important is it that they be totally even at both ends on your canvas leaders? I followed the instructions, marking the centers, pinning out from the centers and then sewing them from the center out, but they did not come out even. I can zip them together and they seem to line up okay but I don't want to mess up a quilt. Has anyone else had this problem? I have not used the yet. Do I understand correctly that the quilt top gets one zipper on the bottom, the quilt backing gets two, one on both ends, and the batting just lies between, attached to nothing. I am regretting this purchase. Did anyone else feel like this? What do I do with a wholecloth when I am loading just the top and batting to do trapunto? Judy in NH
  2. Quilt shows are wonderful. MQX in NH was only my third quilt show and it was a fabulous experience for me. I took just two classes, Mastering the Art of McTavishing, a lecture demo with Karen McTavish, and an APQS maintenance class. Both were excellant. I purchased some things I had wanted to look at such as zipper leaders for my Millennium, a Gadget Girl stencil ( Linda Mae's Rays 18" ), some stencils for doing a wholecloth, three more Quilt Ez stencils, fabric, and threads, threads, threads! I entered two quilts in the show, one Breast Cancer Challange quilt and one pictorial. My feeling when I saw them hanging in the show was that mine were pitiful compared to the others! They were not nearly as sophisticated and complex as what I saw, but I am a beginner, and I now have my first quilt entries behind me, as as Scarlet O'Hara said so eloquently, " Tomorrow is another day!" Go to a show! Judy in NH
  3. Claudia, Such truly beautiful quilts! I love the colors! The feathers are lovely. Thank you so much. Judy in NH Millennium
  4. I started quilting on a Janome 9500. I wanted to be able to do embroidery and quilting. I found quilting very frustrating on the Janome. I was fight ing with moving the fabric and quilting was not enjoyable. I bought the Millennium and have had it just two weeks. I feel like I am drawing with thread. I love it. Judy in NH
  5. This is a newbie question. Does the panto go into the border fabric so that when you put the binding on it runs to the binding? Or, do you just stop at the border and do a different design on that? Judy in NH Millie
  6. My Millennium was delivered just last week. I tried two other brands at the only two quilt shows I've ever been to. I had never heard of a longarm until last October. Once I tried one and the thought got into my mind, I just had to find one for me. I also thought of the expense and was going to go for non-stitch regulated, or the smaller Liberty. I debated and felt guilty and then my husband said, "Didn't you set money aside when you were working? Maybe it was for this. Get the one that you really want." SOLD! I did get the one I wanted and I hope to quilt for myself, friends and do a part time business. Judy in NH
  7. My Millennium arrived last Friday and I'm already loving her. Wish I had more things to quilt. I have done a long muslin sandwhich, panto practise, some freehand practise, feathers and beginning McTavishing. Yesterday I did a baby quilt freehand and am going to do another today. My machine is named Hope, as in I hope that I can do this! Judy in NH
  8. I just received my 2004 Millie and large base extender on Friday. Do you all leave the base on most of the time? Or do you have to remove it so it doesn't drag against roolers? Judy in NH APQS Millennium
  9. Judy, Thank you so much! My Millennium should arrive next week. I have been in a panic about the money I spent and the fear that I won't really be able to do this. My house is also for sale and the future is uncertain. I have been out of work over a year with chronic pain and I have been very discouraged. I didn't know what a longarm machine was until last September. Then I tried one and I have been obsessed with getting one. Good grief, I just this minute named my new machine! Her name is Hope!
  10. I am waiting for my machine to arrive. Guess I have to get my hands on her before I can name her. Of course if my husband hears that the machine is named, he'll be totally convinced that I am nuts! He' pretty sure of it now!
  11. Looks good to me. I am waiting patiently for my longarm to arrive. I sure wasn't very good at following the panto at the dealers when I tried the machine.