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  1. Great machine in good working order. Has motorized advance. Laizer light and all set up for big Circle Lord templates. includes the swirls template, Fans and clam shells. Micro handles and Circle Lord. Many pantographs with hanging rack a complete system ready to go. Collection of long arm books, bobbins and thread. Everything you need to get going on your quilts. It is a 12 foot table. email 14,000 Cash
  2. I love the quilt. That is great you get to quilt 3 more. What a fun project that will be enjoyed by lots of people.
  3. I think it's neat to finish antique quilts. It's kind of like coming together with quilters of the past and showing them respect by finishing something that they worked on. I've finished a few from ebay and some of them about made me mad but when they were finished I loved them mistakes and all. I have slowed down though on buying them I was just trying to get tops for practice. Now when I see an ad that says hand pieced I go on. Sometimes they are really weak. I have recently been getting some unfinished embroidered quilt blocks. The embroidery is done but they are in squares. I am doing s
  4. this quilt is a winner. You did a great job quilting it. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I have a fun idea to fic it. Cut out a doggy shape like a face or a little body with a tail. quilt it with some thin batting and then kind of make a sandwich where the dog hole is and stitch it down with a pretty stitch. A star or other shape would work too. Make it fun like a happy face or something to remember the event. It would be easy to do.
  6. Try ebay too. Try the quilt shop in Seattle where In The Beginning is from. I can't remember the name of the shop but do a search for Seattle quilt shops.
  7. If you want to really do a more permanent one with more intense colors you could use the Jacquard paints which are permanent and need to be heat set. These are available at Joanne's. It does not leave the fabric too stiff. another idea is to use blue gel glue to mark out sections to be colored. this actcs like wax in batick dyeing. then when washed goes away. You could then come back in with a black permanent marker to outline or any thing else or leave it. I have done the crayon ones with my 2nd grade class at school. We used permanent Sharpie markers to outline the drawings and then colo
  8. very nice picture.
  9. I have appreciated this forum so much especially now that I'm reitred. I don't get as much contact with other women. You have helped me in more ways than just quilting. Thanks so much. Cheryll
  10. Sorry to hear of your trial. I hope you can find a way to save your machine because it would be good therapy. Quilting has gotten me through all kinds of things. We are here for you too. I have received so much support when my son who is an alcoholic has had problems. People here have written so many kind words and offered prayers for me. We are all here to support each other in our quilting and as women. This probably sounds like a country song but in 1996 in one week I had a scare for a second breast cancer, my husband left to go with someone at work, and I ran over my special little do
  11. I went in 2007. I took fusible applique with Laura Wasilosky. I had a blast. the rooms are nice and the food is good and the location is just perfect. Monterey is a very special place. The quilt shop in town is fabulous. Now for your questions. 1. You have to take supplies to sew on. they will provide a supply list. 2. They don't supply anything unless it is specified and you will pay an extra fee. 3. You might not take a finished project home it just depends on what you take. 4. You will waste your time if you try to shop during class time. there are a few vindors in one of the bu
  12. Avoid Fairfield as it shreads and leaves all kinds of stuff to breathe in when you are using it. I actually cut out the label from it and posted it on the board by my machine with a note Never Buy This in case I forget.
  13. I love the quilt and the colors are just my cup of tea. I love the fact that she is quilting it herself. I love it and I think the family that quilts together is sure a good thing. I wish I would have had someone helping me sew when I was young.
  14. Oh I love the quilt and the spider web and spider is so cute. I can picture doing a little boy's quilt with that spider web. I was tempted by that template but felt guilty that I haven't fully learned to use the ones I have. You really showed it off great. Cheryll
  15. I like the Mary Jane Crocks with an insert called Happy Feet. Happy feet is sold in sport equipment stores that cater to hikers. the lighter weight insert is blue in color. It seems to have stops heal pain for me. I've also had surgery for hammer toe. then my other favorites is anything by Ecco. they are around 100+ but last many years. currently I have a sporty pair in black. It has Receptor Technology. I walked all over the MQS and Road to California and no foot pain. Ecco makes great sandals with velcro so they are very adjustable and very cushioned. Once you know you size and type