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  1. I need some advice from any quilter that has changed the canvas leads. Is it necessary for the leaders to be four feet long? Has anyone 'stablilized' the pinning edge of the canvas to make it stronger to hold the pins? Is it necessary to put starch on the leaders before I install them to make them more 'stable'? Thank you for your comments.
  2. Do any of you quilters have a source that has Feather Light clamps for sale? I just need blades. I find these clamps work the best for me and don't want to try anything else if I don't have to. Thank you !
  3. Does anyone know how many yards of thread can be wound on to an " L " bobbin? I am trying to figure out if it is best to wind my own bobbins or to purchase pre-wound bobbins.
  4. Any suggestions for a brand of shoes that are best for wearing while quilting for hours at a time? I have anti-fatigue mats, but need a more appropriate shoe.
  5. If there is a quilter in the forum that has an interest in 4" pantos, please email
  6. Does any quilter out there have a sure fire way to make the holes go away after un-stitched a row? I am not going to be re-quilting, I will be returning the out of square quilt to its owner.
  7. Can some of you quilters with panto experience can give me a quick lesson on how to 'line up' the rows. I have a pattern from Willow Leaf that does not have what I call 'registration' marks. It has dotted/dashed areas that I use for filling in, but no mark that says 'roll from here to there'. My rows aren't nestling like they should. There has got to be an easy way to figure this out. I also tried YouTube and didn't see anything about aligning pantos after the 1st row.
  8. I have a fly wheel cover that I don't need anymore from my Millie...any one out there with an older Millie that wants a fly wheel cover?
  9. Under what circumstance would I use the black light feature?
  10. I don't have glide. I have checked the black encoder wheel and it seems to be touching and turning properly. The other encoders are under the new bliss bar. Not so sure how to check those.
  11. Hello, I have a millie with the bliss system. I have noticed that when I am sewing in the automatic stitch regulated mode, that sometimes it seems to 'slip' into manual mode. Just for a few stitches, and then back to auto. In addition to that be annoying, the stitches will be 'larger' for an inch or so. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. The topic was something like....Straight borders are really possible.....
  13. Can someone please send me a link or tell me how to look at prior APQS Daily News? Thank you
  14. I have a some quilting patterns and books that I would like to sell as a whole. The authors include: Judy Allen, Janie Donaldson, Nicole Webb, Karyn Emerson. All of the stuff fits into a USPS $11 box. I am asking $60, but am also willing to hear any offer. For a complete list send email to: