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  1. Hello ... I asked the original question. I have done the following to try and solve my problem: Turned the thread spool upside down, replaced all pigtails and added two additional pigtails, put batting on the loop above the thread spool, used a thread net, bought a new bobbin case, bought a new hook assembly (which meant I needed to re-time the machine after installation), bought a new tension controller, loosened the sandwich, changed the needle more often, changed the way I threaded the machine through the second three hole guide, sanded the hole in the base plate, checked for threads in the wrong places, and probably a dozen other things. What I think I will try next is to stand on my head, click my heals together and hope that helps. HA HA. I must admit, I have had less loops. Which of the things helped?...who knows. What I do know is that I have had such wonderful support from this forum. All that responded had really good suggestions about what to try and I tried all of them and then some. So, I will continue to watch my tensions, keep things lint free and change the needle more often. Thank you...all of you...for your support.
  2. I can\'t tell you all how much I appreciate all of the postings. I had a really nice lady send me a picture of her \'additional\' pig tails. The consensus is that the random loops have to do with the intake of the top thread. Now the next question...where do you purchase pig tails. I know APQS sells them, but they have that darned handling fee that would make the cost so very outrageous. Again, I am so glad so many of you long arm quilters have offered solutioins that I would never have figured out on my own.
  3. I have been having loops appear randomly on the back of my quilts. Not loops in a row, but loops every once in a while. Perhaps ten on the whole back. I know it is the top thread because of the color. I have tried tightening up the top tension. The result is usually that it is too tight and pulls the bobbin thread to the top. I have my top tension at about 200 (according to my gauge). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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