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  1. Is your machine still available? Please email me at if it is still available
  2. Is your machine still available? Please email if it is at
  3. Can you send some photos of her to me?
  4. Can you use the R key on the keyboard? Maybe the little box on the machine needs to be replaced?
  5. I've heard there is a new way of piecing a wedding quilt called Emily's wedding quilt. Can anyone tell me where to find a photo? Thanks Barb
  6. Some how my dry erase pen sliped off the clear plastic I was useing and made a small mark on the beige quilt. Any suggestions on how to remove it? I tried polish remover and rubbing Alcohol with no luck. thanks
  7. I tried them but didn't care for them. They leave a stretch mark on the fabric. I found it very difficult to get things straight. Rene was very prompt with returning my $ but not the almost 10.00 shipping. All things said my sis loves them, as I see many people do.
  8. We love our APQS staff, they always give 150%. I can't thank all of them enough for all the help and support they have given me over the years. Barb Greenlee
  9. oops forgot to put in there www site it is: You should be able to click on this address but they are so new you may have to copy the www address in your browser to go to it.
  10. Look what I found a new www site for computer guided Longarmers. These is a new site for digitized designs and they even have some free ones. I purchased a few and they stitched out great. My favorite was the Holloween one just in time for Holloween. There are some beautiful flower e2e ones also. Looks like they will be adding new designs every month. Its nice to find a new designer with new ideas.
  11. Well it is a small world :-) I did just sell the Micro handles Barb
  12. I'm not to good at this U2U stuff so if you are interested please call me at 623-606-6592
  13. Sorry Cathy I haven't heard of Clearfield City, are you sure you know where Surprise Arizona is? Barb
  14. I have a set of Micro handles that are for a Millie for sale. I would like 100.00 plus shipping. Call Barb at 623-606-6592