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  1. Congrats Heidi on making APQS quilt of the week!!! It was well deserved.
  2. It is beautiful and the quilting is awesome so you should bring in a lot of money with no problems what so ever. Congrats on such a wonderful job.
  3. Sorry Julie, I wish I were going also but I am headed for Joplin on the 16th and won't be back till the 20th. But I'm sure you will have a great time and see a lot of great quilts!
  4. Thanks Kay for posting those beautiful pics. The quilts were just wonderful and the workmanship is fabulous to say the least. As far as I can tell EVERYONE is a winner and I am just sorry I couldn't be there this year. I have really missed seeing everyone and meeting new quilters as well. But I certainly missed seeing those beautifully made quilts. I know for a fact the pictures don't do them justice so I can just imagine what they were like to see them in person. Thanks again Kay for all your time and work to post them. I certainly apprecitate it.
  5. WOW!! Everyone one of you deserve a huge hug and a big CONGRATS!!! You all did a fantastic job and those quilts are awesome!!! You are ALL WINNERS!! Please take a bow. Hope you are doing well Heidi and please take care. I'm thinking of you. Renae
  6. Thanks Linda for posting and congrats to the winners!! But to me anyone that enters are ALL winners. Way to go everyone!!
  7. Looks like everyone is having a great time. I sure am missing all of you this year. I just keep wondering what you all are doing and what classes you are taking and I sure miss seeing all the quilts. Maybe next year.........???????
  8. That is awesome!! I love it and she did beautiful work also. But your quilting is wonderful as usual......way to go my friend!!
  9. Beautiful, Laura and I would be seeing Circles for sure also. LOL
  10. Congratulations to you grandma and to the new father and mother also. He is a sweety.........what a precious gift.
  11. That quilt is awesome Tammie and so is your quilting. I love the quilt and the colors are beautiful!! But it is the quilting that makes it that way so take a bow my friend! It is stunning!!
  12. I have 2 sets of brand new Quick Quilt Sets of Zippers for sale. They are 144 inches long and for quick sets. They have NEVER been used but I have marked them thinking I would use them. I am asking $19.00 for each of them plus shipping. They are $24.99 new. If you have any questions just call or U2U or email me. Renae
  13. Thank you EVERYONE for all your good thoughts and prayers. I have passes them on to Carla and believe me she is overwhemed, just as I am. I know she is in God's hands and we have to trust him. Thank you all my quilting friends....you really are great. Renae
  14. Congrats Matt to you and your wife!! What a fine family you have one more is going to add a wonderful fit just a little more happiness to it.
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