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  1. If you still have the last listed boards available I will buy them. I have a PayPal account that I will use. Let me know with an email Thanks Sonja Hammond
  2. Thanks Patty Jo for alerting everyone about the theft of our Cargo trailer. It has not been found. We had two locks on the trailer but that did not stop them. Police say they are just hooking the safety chains together and putting these around the ball on their truck and driving away. Most trailers are being stolen out of Hotel parking lots around I-10.(Ours was at the Comfort Inn on West Grant.) They don't even waste time cutting off the locks. I am just sick about this. Tucson police say there is a rash of trailers being stolen. They are being used for Human trafficing. The police believe they dumped the contents in desert,since they only want the trailer. It is a big loss for us personally and Quilters Rule. The thing that really hurts is I had 6 quilts in the trailer for display in the booth. Three of which were blue ribbon winners at local shows. I do have insurance but after going thru everything it might come up a little short. This is so depressing. We are trying to figure out how we will do the Houston show in 3 weeks.
  3. Gosh I did not know that so many of you ladies wanted to know about booth space. But here goes: The most surprising thing for me was you can get trampled when they open the doors for set up. Usually there will be a line to get your trailer/car to the unloading area. If you park at the door/loading dock you must unload everything then go park your car. Take your own dollie. Some venues have them available for free, some charge and some just don't let you use theres. Phone lines for charge machines are expensive and so is wireless for computers. See if your charge machine will run in a store mode as an alternative. But in this mode you will not get approvals until you upload. There are occasional bad credit cards. (Thank heavens I have avoided that so far).Most shows charge for electricity. Check to see if your fee includes any tables or chairs and table size if included. This varies greatly from show to show. Be sure you have enough change for all your days at the show. Houston (so far for me) has been the only show that has the capability of making change. We usually don't get time to leave the booth for lunch so take something easy to eat. Take an ice chest w/ bottled water. Bring this in during setup you will need it. Most venues have it for $3.00 per bottle (just a tad high). I have a cash register and would not be without it. Breakdown is a zoo. What took everyone 4-6 hrs to put up is down and loaded in 2 -3 hrs. It appears that the first one who leaves wins. (What they win is still unknown). If you will have more quilting items in your booth then the Craft/Sewing Shows are not going to be your best shows. Standing for 8 hours for 3 days when it is really really slow is the PITS. There have been shows where the only people shopping the first and/or last day are the vendors. Some people cover their items when they leave at night, some rope off their booths and others just take their money and leave for the evening. Some shows have security others don't. I hope some of this is helpful. If not remember you asked for it.
  4. Hi Grammie: I have been doing shows as a independent contractor for Quilter's Rule about 18 months now. I also did shows for myself for a year before this. My husband and I have a great time but there are some things we did not expect. If you want to send me a u2u I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Sonja
  5. Thanks for your help. I also felt that it might look weird . Now I will just redesign my feathers into a motify.
  6. I have done tons of SID on log cabin quilt and now want to put feathers through the light part and some flowers in the dark. The problem is some of the light area is crossed by squares and rectangles in dark fabric that have been SID. Should I just make my feathers fit between these crossing squares or go over the top of the SID? I hope this makes sense. I can't get my picture to size properly to put with the post. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for asking this question. We must have been doing searches at the same. I could not find this for the life of me. Bonnie thanks for providing the link. I used this last night and the quilt I am working is now nice and flat.
  8. Beautiful quilt and your quilting makes it soft and snuggly.
  9. Patty Jo: Please know that you, Bill and your family are in my prayers.
  10. At market I am going to be helping/training in the Quilters Rule booth. My cell # is 915-588-6278. Not sure I will be able to answer it though.
  11. Tammie: I love Quilters Dream Wool. It still has a drape after heavy quilting. I did not notice the wet dog smell when wet. I have also used two layers of Quilter Dream 70/30 (can't remember the offical name). Both are nice and warm for our Colorado winters.
  12. Mmmmm this is yummy. Now I have to add this pattern to my "to do" list for quilts. Great Job.
  13. Cheryl Simply Stunning. It is always great to see you post your latest. You never disappoint us with your creativity.