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  1. sewpowerfull

    GREASE on white quilt

    Thanks has a yellow tinge to it and I may try the dawn on a scrap piece of fabric. Do you use the soap straight out of the bottle or do you water it down? Sheena
  2. YIKES! Grease on quilt! Oh Crap! I somehow managed to get the thick packing greese on a white border of a quilt I'm doing. What is the best way to remove it!!!!! I have the quilt loaded and need to finish it. Oh sigh! Sheena
  3. sewpowerfull

    canvas leader question

    Ticking fabric with stripes .....,.....hmmm if they were half inch or inch apart that would sure be handy as a measuring tape. I'll have to look for a strip, ginham pattern or some such when I'm on my search. It would be nice to find something that was soft enough for pins to go through but was tough enough that it wouldn't stretch.... Sheena;)
  4. sewpowerfull

    canvas leader question

    Well, I was going to go to my local hardware store and buy canvas drop cloths (used for painting) they seem to be really thick and durable;)......but I will wait for further replies and may end up going to my local fabric store to see what I can find......I will have to give this some thought. Sheena
  5. Hello: I have a question reguarding canvas leaders............ I have to change my leaders again as they have stretched out over use. Do the leaders have to be cotton/canvas and why? or Can they be another fabric that doesn't stretch? Inquiring minds need to know! Sheena Over The Top Quilting
  6. sewpowerfull

    panto problem

    thanks for the suggestions Kristina. What I ended up doing was adding some creative loops where there were none and made it look more interlocking. If this doesn't do the trick I may pull this panto :ofrom my library. Sheena
  7. sewpowerfull

    panto problem

    hmmmm...your right it doen't look how would you be able to use this kind of panto?? Sheena
  8. Hello everyone: I have a problem with a panto I'm about to use. Has anyone worked with the panto 'Sebastions Bugs' by Denise Herrera the panto was produced by Golden Threads? The panto doesn't show the advance to point (which I can figure out) but when I advance it, there are big gaping spaces between first and last advance or if I shorten the advance to look better I get overlaping lines. It's doesn't say on the panto to shift each roll when you forward. I need to get this quilt done asap. I know someone out there has the answer you always come through. Thanks Sheena
  9. sewpowerfull

    Ideas for a lone star

    WOW! You ladies are amazing.....thank you so much for the advice and all of your pictures.....I am so inspired now and hope to start the lone star this weekend! Sheena
  10. Hello Everyone: I am wondering how most of you top quilt you lone star quilts. Do you do custom....what ideas do you have or do you to an edge to edge? Thank you Sheena
  11. sewpowerfull

    Heat resistant fabric in batting

    Thanks Rita.....well she is going to drop off a sample tomorrow. One of the layers is a anti bacterial fabric....not sure what these mats are really for. Sheena
  12. Hello: I have a question? Have any of you top quilted with heat resistant fabric in batting (thats the metalic heat resist fabric). I have had a request to top quilt baby bed mats.....the lady is going to swing a sample of the layers required for these pads by tomorrow for me to look at and try. But the one layer will that metallic stuff...has anyone quilted with this you think it is safe to quilt as far as my machine is concerned? I'm concered the metal will shed into the machine.....what do you think? Sheena
  13. sewpowerfull

    wavey photo transfers

    Thank you for the input. I will call my customer and ask about doing a small amount of quilting on the pictures.
  14. sewpowerfull

    wavey photo transfers

    Hopefully I\'ve got pics this time.
  15. sewpowerfull

    wavey photo transfers

    I\'m trying to attatch a picture with not much luck! Sheena