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  1. Tangled Threads

    Hartley fence

    I have a Hartley Fence that I have not used in years. if anyone is interested please send me an E mail. debbiemanlove@hotmail.com I will try and answer questions.... I am not having any luck with the picture. all I want for this is $50.00
  2. Tangled Threads

    Compuquilter and Milly not talking....

    Thanks Zeke....
  3. Tangled Threads

    Compuquilter and Milly not talking....

    Thanks Nigel, I sent a E mail.....twice...and have not heard back yet..i will wait 1 more day then start calling.
  4. Tangled Threads

    Compuquilter and Milly not talking....

    How do you find help with Compuquilter?
  5. Tangled Threads

    Wanted used Millennium

    I might have what you are looking for....debbiemanlove@hotmail.com
  6. I had my computer fixed and its all hooked up (I took pictures) and all seems right. Computer and program comes up fine BUT...Milly will not jog or anything, I get a message about the stop button...then a message that my needle up is not in position. is there anybody that can help me?
  7. Tangled Threads

    Trouble with Computer...

    Thanks a bunch Zeke....now, I tried to use it and computer is on, screen is on....but it seems like I is not communicating to the LA..will not jog. nothing. I will make calls tomorrow. it is really hard having the compuquilter when they are no more....paid a lot for this system.
  8. Tangled Threads

    Trouble with Computer...

    Thank you for the response, I took it in to the computer fix it place, all it needed was cleaning!!! Thank Goodness!!!! $45 and I'm back in business.....
  9. Tangled Threads

    Trouble with Computer...

    I have the Dell computer with the compuquilter. every thing works but...my Screen will not show anything. the computer turns on fine...fan and lights,no beeping. and i hooked up the screen to my tv and that works. its just the tower is not giving a signal to the screen....AND...this is not a great time to have problems....of course!
  10. Tangled Threads

    new M & M wheels

    You all are great!!!! Thanks so much for the response... I really love the new wheels...I dont know if my old ones ever glided like these do. it will take some getting used too..
  11. Tangled Threads

    new M & M wheels

    Ok- now that they are finally on..(more work than I figured) I have the compuquilter, and, I cannot hook up the front cables...its like the thingy that is to screw to the carraige is too short...also, my channle lock dont work...it clicks but is not tight to move in the other direction...(now thats clear as mud) anybody got any hints on what Im to do??????
  12. Tangled Threads

    figureing % question

    OH- easypeasy......thanks a bunch!!!
  13. Tangled Threads

    figureing % question

    OK- how do you figure out the % for cropping? is it a math thing...if it is "im in trouble" I know the 50% but if you get to the last row,cropped, how do you figure out how much it should be cropped? I am doing well with the E2E designs, and the E2E inside quilt with seperate border treatment...its just figureing out that last row....thanks everybody!!!
  14. Tangled Threads

    its working

    :Dit wasnt all me!!!there was a bug in the software.... its fixed.....I hope...im quilting away- OK - next question/ when you sew down the sides to stabilze - do you losen or completly take off the cables? and also, do I turn off the sewing box? it kind of scares me to have that on when I am manualy moving the machine....thanks a Bunch!!!!!