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  1. I have an extended base that was on a Millie with a thread cutter, but not sure if it will fit your machine. I would be glad to sell it if someone chimes in here to let us know if it will work!
  2. I have decided to upgrade my computerized quilting system and have a Quilt Butler EZ for sale. This is a great little system that I have used the last couple of years. Can be added to any make of machine, does blocks, pantos, resizes all motifs and EASY to learn. Manual and videos are offered on the website www.quiltez.com... . Tablet is the upgraded tablet and new cost is over $8000.00. I am offering mine at $3500.00 or best offer, please feel free to email me at lahufford@me.com. I have it installed on a 2006 Millenium. I am upgrading because I am doing more customer quilts and need the speed and some of the fancy pants options on the IQ system, otherwise I would stick to this system. Would love to answer questions. Installation is available! Lori Hufford
  3. I currently have a Quilt Butler Ez on my Millie and have enjoyed this limited system very much and have done some beautiful quilting, but I am investigating upgrading to either IQ or Quilt Path. I understand there is a Facebook group for Quilt Path, but may I join it before owning one? Is there anything like that for the IQ community? I really need to do my research before I get my husband to think it is his idea to upgrade!!! i look forward to any and all input, thanks, Lori Hufford
  4. I started quilting for the national foundation back in 2006 when my Air Force son was on his first deployment. I found my experience with working with QOV to be wonderful, sometimes quilting 3 or 4 quilts per month, although I was only signed up for 2 per month. I only do quilting for the quilts that come via the foundation or my own guild, as I was stung by someone who told me it was a QOV when it really was not. Over the years I have only had a few that were not pieced very well, but I was able to still make them a beautiful and presentable quilt to honor a veteran with. On a personal side, 3 years ago, my son required brain surgery and it was being done at Walter Reed. His stay at Walter Reed was over two weeks long and my husband and I were there with him and his wife. I visited the chaplain's office and explained my involvement with QOV, they honored me by allowing me to be at a presentation for an injured soldier brought in from Afghanistan. It was humbling to say the least. I also saw many quilts being used on a daily basis by heroes who were there on the Wounded Warrior floor for care and rehab. The quilts awarded to these brave men and women are appreciated and used on a daily basis, even with the ones who move around aided by wheelchairs. I came away with a heightened awareness and conviction to work for this wonderful foundation. I encourage all levels of quilters to volunteer at some level to QOV, your work is appreciated! A small way for me to give back.... Lori
  5. Wool is my favorite batting! I use it exclusively for my own quilts and many of my customers like it also. Hobbs heirloom is nice, great loft and lighter weight than a cotton batt. I generally use the Tuscany wool from Hobbs, I just like that product a bit more than the heirloom wool. I have never had a boarding problem, even with a black quilt back. I have never used more than one layer of wool so I cannot answer that question for you, but know you will be pleased with the finished product! Super comfortable no matter which season you are using it. Lori
  6. I purchased one from Dave jones in February and can tell you it was a GREAT investment. I was not able to afford either of the two leaders in computerization, so I looked at the Butler. I was never a great freehand quilter, so this tool has given me great consistency when doing multiple blocks, plus has allowed me to semi-custom quilts with designs I would never have attempted either freehand or stencil! I never thought I would use it for pantos, boy was I wrong! That is one of the best uses as it allows me to be piecing my own quilts no catching up on all my UFOs. My customers have been pleased with the results because most use all over patterns and my turnaround time has gotten shorter. Plus it is just fun creating and designing! Feel free to email me at lahufford@me.com if you have more questions, Lori
  7. I am looking for a few panto suggestions for baby quilts. I would like them to be able to be used for boys and girls, any favorites or suggestions? Thanks, Lori
  8. I still have this paper pattern available, never used. My email is lahufford@me.com. Wanted to use it for first grandchild, but my daughter in law nixed that idea! Lori
  9. Am I the only one who has a love hate relationship with winding my own bobbins? None of my 3 DSMs will fit the L style bobbin for winding and my Millie has a bobbin winder on the head. I would use it more if I could figure out how to replace the small plastic tubing on the shaft! I purchased some from APQS and am struggling to get it on the dang shaft. Is there a special trick? I know I have mentioned my lack of mechanical ability before, but someone must have a hint for me! I love rewound bobbins, but sometimes the thread choice for a quilt back is one I only have on a cone and even though the bobbins run out so quickly, it would be great to wind more of my own. Any and all help would be appreciated, Lori
  10. I have this paper pattern, never used! Please email me at lahufford@me.com if you are interested. Lori
  11. I have always loved wool batting, but always used Hobbs regular wool, until I fell in love this weekend with Tuscany wool! I was out of my regular wool and had to run to LQS to get a king size batt and Tuscany was only option in king size, boy was it sweet! I have a few customers who like wool and I use wool almost exclusively in my own quilts and usually keep some here. My question is, where do you buy your Tuscany at good prices? I have used a few wholesale vendors for my batts, but Tuscany wool is not listed on their site. I would be interested in packaged or rolls, depending on what is available. Just curious where others are finding it wholesale, Lori
  12. I just had this problem myself a few weeks ago! I did have my needle in the 6:35 position and found that I needed to be in the 6:30, straight on, position. I did not even have to change needles! I only seem to have this problem with glide thread, but once I straightened needle position, it was smooth stitching. Lori
  13. Circle lord boards are the best! Customers love swirls and I cannot wait to see this new one!
  14. I just saw your post and kicked up my prayers for your family and adam's healthcare team a notch.
  15. Posted my response to another thread erroneously, but wanted to thank everyone for the answers! I always learn something or am inspired daily by this caring and talented community! Lori
  16. Thank you for all the answers, I guess I have never noticed it since I post so rarely! I am on this form atleast once per day, I would not miss checking things but I usually stay "out of the loop." I have to say this is like attending a class, I pick up "nuggets" of advice and inspiration daily. Even though I don't post I would not miss reading this forum. This is a community of caring and talented people! Thanks, Lori
  17. I do not post very often, but I did respond to someone the other day, and when I went back to read the rest of the string, I noticed something in my status line that no one else seems to have listed. Under my name and number of posts, it says I have 0 warning points. What the heck does that mean? I scrolled all the other responses and nobody is flagged with that, so I am wondering what I did to have that on my "byline" Anyone able to clue me in? Lori
  18. Jeanne, My son, age 30, went through this exact same surgery in January at Walter reed hospital. He started having seizures at age 28, never had any prior to that. The surgery was successful and he was able to return to work ( civil engineer in the Air Force) after 5 weeks. He and his beautiful wife welcomed my first grandchild in April, which his doctors said the upcoming birth gave him incentive to get through the surgery and recovery, sounds like your sil has incentive also! He will stay on full meds for two years to allow brain healing, but so far he has not had any abnormal electrical activity, thank The Lord! I was amazed at the recovery he had after such an invasive surgery! His physicians were marvelous and the care he received at Walter Reed was top notch. I will pray for your family, I know prayers were what got us through our ordeal. I believe in the power of prayer, Lori
  19. Does anyone know of a website or program where I can go to customize and download quilt labels to print on my printer? I know there are probably some out there, I want to be able to pull up the "frame" and then fill in my info and then print them on fabric, especially for some Quilt of Valor quilts our guild is making. It would be nice if the site or program would be no charge....just sayin! Thank you, Lori
  20. Is it too late to claim the curved crosshatch? I have been wanting that template for awhile! I also could not leave you an email. My email is lahufford@me.com. Thank you, Lori Hufford
  21. My Millie has been getting louder the last few times I have quilted and there seems to be way too much vibration! I also have quite a bit of rattling noise that I believe is coming from the bobbin area. I have cleaned and oiled the bobbin area and have checked my table with a level. My tension and stitch quality are very good, so I do not think it could be the timing, but I am the least mechanical person on this forum, so what do I know? I even changed bobbin cases and tried different bobbins, per wound vs magnetic vs aluminum one that I wound, but no change in chatter coming from bobbin assembly. There are a few spots or areas where there seems to be some drag, but I have checked wheels also (M&M wheels, about 3 years old.). Any suggestions on what I am overlooking? Working from the back seems worse that the front, but that could be just because the handles are placed differently and I am more comfortable in the front. I have had this wonderful workhorse for almost 7 years and had Dave Jones out for a treatment and look over last spring. I am a bit frustrated at this point, so any help would be appreciated, Lori