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  1. Yeahhh!! Can´t wait to see them!! I´ll be in Veldhoven on sunday!! See you there
  2. Uau! Já ganhou! That´s what we would say in Portuguese! Schon gewonnen... Is that the one for the "Tools" category??? Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see the third one!!
  3. I´ve seen it too!!! It is a beauty, indeed!!! and worth waiting to be seen!! Annette
  4. Hi, Angie and Shana used the right words! I agree with them. Since I´m also a Prodigy owner I'm not feeling very comfortable either. I´m surrounded by APQS machines since Claudia is the only Longarmdealer in Germany and I don´t have a problem with it at all. I´m looking forward to taking classes in Krefeld next week with APQS Owners, Gammils etc... We do have an addiction in common don´t we? So let´s go quilt! Thanks for this wonderful forum!! Annette Remscheid, Germany www.quiltstation.de
  5. Claudia, does your day have 48 hours??????? I can´t believe it..... Ich sitze hier und bin nur am Kopfschütteln!!! Best wishes for the golden couple!! Ganz lieben Gruss nach Krefeld! Annette
  6. Thank you Linzi! your picture is better than the one I took. Some quilts were hanging so high it was hard to see them... Annette
  7. I won the APQS Award at the Open European Quiltchampionships last weekend in Holland with my quilt "Rosa Celeste"! The graph that forms the rose is based on calculations of the positions of the planets Venus and Earth in space in a timeframe of 240 years. The rose is formed of 750 straight lines. In the background I quilted a pattern I created based on Penrose tiling. I want to thank APQS for this wonderful oportunity and send greetings to everybody! I wish I could fly to MQS this year and see all the beautiful quilts and meet you folks. May be 2010.... See all the winners here. Cl
  8. Isch komme am DI 20. und DO 22.!! Freue mich schon! Dawn ist ein super teacher und hat ein ansteckendes Temperament!! Claudia und Loes sowieso... Also kann nichts mehr schief gehen! See you there!! Annette
  9. Hei Claudia!! Awesome!! I want to see you!!!!! Which channel???????????????????? Annette
  10. Yes please! show us the whole quilt and the back!! I love it! Thank you for sharing! Annette
  11. Hi Claudia, I couldn´t make it to Krefeld last weekend:( Wish I could!! The fabrics are amazing and I´m just marvelled how gorgeous they look in the different quilts! Congratulations!! You´ve accomplished another very significant cornerstone in your quilterlife!! Wish to see you soon... In the meantime I´ll drink a caipirinha in compliment to you!! Annette
  12. Wish I could have seen them in person... Congratulations and thanks for sharing! And goot luck in Houston!!!! Annette
  13. Perfect Claudia!!!! We´ll keep our fingers crossed!! Annette
  14. You deserve it all and even more!!! cause this quilt is awesome!! Enjoy!!! We share with joy, Annette
  15. Birgit wins 2nd wearable runway and honorable mention for "Josephine\'s Star"!!!!!!! We are soooo excited! Elke and Annette
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