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  1. I just created a new circle/cog design to complement the string pieced circles in a baby quilt. Would you like to see how to draft these quilting designs using Art and Stitch? There is a free video tutorial on my blog post this week. Along with free pdfs of the quilting designs. This one would be very doable (even without a computerized machine). Check out my blog post. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/quilted-cogs-a-modern-quilting-design.
  2. Kari

    Snow Day

    I just had to share. My Snow Day quilt is featured in the current issue of Fons and Porter Love of Quilting. I also designed a series of quilting designs for this in Art and Stitch. These designs were digitized and quilted on my APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter. They are perfect for your next snow quilt. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/snow-day Kari Schell APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter
  3. Since you don't need to hold the machine, you can hold the pieces out of the way while IQ stitches. When I have small items (such as a flange), I will actually tape it down with scotch tape to keep it from flipping when stitching over it. The tape is easily removable with no residue. Here is my blog post on my flange technique. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/quilting-a-flange
  4. Kari

    Studio Tour

    Today I'm the featured designer in the Studio Spotlight Blog Hop. Hop on over to my website. Check out my quilting space and post a comment on my blog to register for my free pattern giveaway. Two people who post comments will be awarded two of my published patterns (their choice). Hope to see you there. My APQS Millennium with Intellquilter is featured in one of the photos. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/studio-tour Kari Schell Brooklyn Park, MN
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