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  1. Sheri Which lighting are you referring to? And will it work on 2004 Millie? The light on my machine blinks on and off and has for a long time.
  2. MaryBeth I was thinking about you the other day girl.... wondering what you've been up to. Now I know!, yay! Good to hear from you!
  3. Oh wow Linda! ! That thing is giant! You made it a masterpiece! Love your quilting as always.
  4. I used mine for a long time before I had Quilt Path installed. I really liked having it up front, handy when working from the front especially when changing threads on a quilt. It was behind the front laser post. After a few years the sticky tape didn't hold any more. Had to clean the remaining goo off before using fresh heavy double sided tape. If the thread holder wasn't slanting forward it would probably hold a lot longer.
  5. My thoughts and feelings exactly Linda! And one of the responses was convoluted as if English is second language. Similar to those scammers in Nigeria preying on lonely folks and bilking them out of their life savings. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just saying...
  6. Yes we want yo know how you did that gorgeous border! Please share
  7. If you are new to using these boards it does take a bit of practice to doing them without wobbles. Moving them as smoothly as possible, those back tracks do start looking better. Of course it helps if the stylus fits and doesn't bump into anything! Have you tried lowering your circle lord stylus?
  8. I have several cones of magnifico. I continually had needle thread breakage with this no matter the cone. After trying everything like you I gave up. Barb even tried to get it to work one time and could not determine the cause of breakage. I dedided my millie didn't like mag thread. So now I only use it in the bobbin with matching or close to matching color of metro thread in the needle.
  9. Looks like cross hatching is the thing to do. Thanks and I love how your quilts turned out!
  10. Does anyone have pics of a quilted sunbonnet Sue? Looking for ideas and suggestions. A search brought up nothing. Thanks!
  11. Looking at the demo it appears after cutting then moving those pieces around, the bias will be on the outside edge. You will need to be extra careful with border application. Probably why they call for straight edge borders. Just a heads up.
  12. Since bliss installation my channel locks were minimally working, enough to not mske a fuss tho. Now they aren't engaging at all. Help please.
  13. I have these pantos for sale: Most are $10 ea plus shipping Sparkler (unused) Dawna Sanders Tumbling Keaves(unused) Lorien Quilting Double Plume (used) $8 Tannenbaum Lg. Jodi Beamish I now have Quilt Path so selling these remaining Pantos. Let me know if you are interested.
  14. I have someJanet. I'll check on them tomorrow and get back to you.
  15. Barb is an excellent resource for QP. I have QP and find I have excellent support at my fingertips via the internet with u tube videos and personal help too. Where are you located? Perhaps someone close to you has options for trying out their computer. I'm in Oregon not far from Portland. You're welcome to try mine out if you are nearby.
  16. Finding large enough pieces of cardboard could be a challenge. I'll have to work on that. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  17. For those who have shipped CL boards, what did you use to prep for shipping? And where did you get the materials?
  18. I dont really mind doing this as long as the backing is pieced accurately. I look at it as a personal challenge to see how close I can get it centered. Within a half inch is my best record so far.
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