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  1. Mercedes.. or anyone else interested.... I have these long boards for sale: add shipping to the price ( will have to find out the cost if you are interested) Zig zag/ waves 12 king size 130" $225 slightly used Clam shells 15 king size 132" $180 slightly used Rope 12 with corner templates king size 3 sections 105" $105 (never used) Cable 3 pc. 115" ( still in package) $160 If anyone is looking for templates I have some of those for sale too. Spiro thingy (never used) $60 Feather wreath small (7.5" ~11.5") $55 Greek keys micro filler ( never used) $110 Surf/herringbone micro f
  2. I have some I'll post tomorrow for you when I get to my studio.
  3. I've had floaters for years without the light flashes. But they seem to be getting worse. My eye doctor was not concerned. Is it only with light flashes etc along with floaters that one should be concerned?
  4. I have definitely noticed a difference in my channel locks after bliss installation. Weak
  5. Yes David call Michael the Circle Lord Zen Master! His cross hatch boards are the bomb!
  6. I like winding my own bobbins. Although sometimes I use prewounds. Years ago I bought a K-Kraft stand alone winder. It is great quality and speedy too. The on board winder of my 2004 Millennium does not work well and like Linda R indicated, takes too long.
  7. Cheryl... Quilters Dream wool is my favorite. I stock all my battings in packages. Storage on shelves works best for me. Dust and cat hair free.
  8. My 2004 on board Millenium never worked well. I ended up getting a stand alone bobbin winder and love it.
  9. I've done this with a double size quilt where I hand quilted all the blocks and put down for a few years. I finished the sashing, corner stones and borders with my new (at the time) millie. Bottom line.. I was glad to have it finished instead of tossed in the closet unfinished. It was for me anyway and good practice.
  10. Contact Barb Mayfield or Angela Hugli-Clark...both APQS REPS and can help you with your questions. QP is awesome as well as the support that comes with it.
  11. You two really are wonderful and giving folks. Glad to know you.
  12. Hey Linda Loo .... Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it was great! ♥
  13. You don't just "dew quilting"! You created a masterpiece to ge cherished forever! Wowsa!
  14. Bringing it back to the top. Pantos for sale. See list in previous post. $10 plus postage
  15. The pantos I listed above are still for sale. $10 plus postage.
  16. Laminate flooring all the way. Mine has been in my studio over 11 years and no buckling or separatuon of any kind. Easiest no maintenance I've ever had.
  17. Rita, not sure if your post was meant for me but you may have me mixed up with another Bonnie. I dont harvest nuts or know anyone named Fred.
  18. Hi Nancy Jo Finally had a chance tonight to look at the pantos I have for sale. $10 ea plus shipping They are: Tumbling Leaves by Lorien Quilting Double Bubble #1 by Patricia Ritter Tannenbaum LG by Jodi Beamish Double Plume by Golden Threads Sparkler by Dawna Sanders In January where on the west coast will you be? I live 20 miles outside of Portland. If it works out to meet I could hand deliver the pantos you are interested in.....or I can mail them. Thanks!
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