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  1. Hi Nancy Jo How ya doin'? I have some pantos for sale. When I get a chance I'll let you know which ones I have left. They are $10 ea. I've sold quite a few as I've gone computerized with Quilt Path. Nice to see you back.
  2. Sorry to be a party pooper. I won't be able to take part.
  3. Beautiful! 2 days to design and how long to quilt it? Envious of your fab skills.
  4. Wow Georgene! Thank you for taking all the time to do this!,
  5. Congratulations Linda!!! So happy for you! Happy dance time! ♥
  6. Georgene...is this a revision of the revision? I've printed and filed your first revision. Thanks. Hey mistakes we all make. You are doing all this work and sharing. You won't hear me complaining!
  7. Ditto my friend Linda Rech....I also have 2004 Millennium w Bliss.... smooth moving:)
  8. Beautiful! Your customer will love it no doubt!
  9. I use white prewashed flannel It will still have the drape and helps prevent tufts of fleece from being pulled to the surface of quilt top during quilting. I have used batting but makes it heavier. Mostly depends on what you prefer.
  10. I've used blankets for backings many times. Often I have used plain white prewashed flannel for batting. Allows for nice drape wothout being too heavy. Also prevents tufts of fuzz from blanket backing from being pulled to the surface of quilt top. The blanket makes nice texture in quilting. Beautiful quilt BTW
  11. Even using a computer you have the stops and starts. Just saying....
  12. Beautiful! Nice work. What is the name of the pattern of this quilt? I really like it.
  13. Sullivan's silicone spray helps the needle and thread to glide thru the tight weave of batiks. I spray as I go, moving my machine off to the side first. Most often I don't need to use it tho, only on occasion. Main tip is to loosen the roller.
  14. Linda my friend.....BEE U T FULL! Your quilting takes this quilt to a whole new level!
  15. Hi Patty Jo.... see you in July!! welcome back!
  16. I also suggest waiting until you see the patterns already on your IQ before purchasing new ones.
  17. Stunning!! Holy cow Linda! Only two weeks??
  18. I agree and some are not any I've ever heard of. Seemingly suspicious.
  19. Thank you all for your advice and support. I will suggest the possibility of washing the quilt. And honestly the outside border fabric was cheesy and thin which I'm sure added to the waviness. I plan to send her a card of appreciation and let her know she's a wonderful quilt piecer and that some quilts are just a little more challenging. I did mention to her daughter that the seams were uneven from one to the next. And that her quilts from the past were fine. These ladies are very sweet and awesome. This 93 year old customer can still climb the stairs to my second floor studio! I can only hop
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