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  1. Two of my customers, 93 year old Mom and her daughter have been wonderful and very supportive of me and have been happy with my quilting. The last two quilts I've quilted for the elder customer have been full with wavy borders. After I quilt them I've been open and truthful in telling her about the tucks and puckers she may notice. Don't want my customers to think I'm trying to hide issues with their quilts and leave them to discover it later. Daughter called today and very nicely addressed the tucks and puckers and wanted to know if it could be fixed in some way. Her mama has been fussing
  2. Linda to the rescue once again! Girl you rock!
  3. Thank you Georgene for taking your time to do this!! I'll try it out on my next quilt using QP.
  4. Yay!!! Good for you!! What quilt shop Linda? I willbe passing thru Eugene in June....perhaps I could drop in.
  5. I'm with you Snowflake. I could use some help too. Hardcopy manual Dawn? Please? Soon
  6. I'd like to know what the solution was. Always learning:)
  7. I recommend you take advise from Linda R. ffq-lar. She is our quiltuers guru. Beautiful job!
  8. Linda R. WW Quilter I sent you a PM. I have a set I will sell if you are still interested.
  9. I have one I will sell. Message me if you still need one. I'm in Oregon.
  10. I typically use preshrunk white flannel. It gives it a bit of stability without heaviness and helps keep the little tufts of minky fuzz from being pulled to the surface of the quilt top. I've also used silk batting which gave a lovely drape. Flannel is less expensive though. Try Quilters Dream Angel. Also nice drape and is fire retardent.
  11. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO DAWN!!!!!! Best customer service! She spent close to 2 hours on the phone with me. Wayyyyy after hours for her. She helped me figure out why my QP would not sew. With my older millennium the back right handle was not plugged into the encoder box. Once that was solved she walked me though a panto lesson and got me started on my first attempt at using QP on an actual quilt top. THANK YOU DAWN!!! HAPPY CAMPER HERE
  12. Yes thank you Dawn....thank you!!
  13. Duh! I knew that. Silly me. ok so...Brian at APQS suggested I make sure the red cat 5 cable is securely plugged in on both ends to see if the machine would sew in QP. Still no luck. Dawn I'd love to talk with you to get this up and running. The bummer is I work all day away from my studio and machine. When I get home it is 5:00 in your time zone. I'm in the Pacific NW. Any suggestions?? Please
  14. So today I thought I'd try again. But when I went into design and create panto section. I set the safe area then a message pops up that says I need to set the safe area. Hmmmm thought I'd just done that. Retry, same message. I need help. Cant even get past the first step!!!
  15. Thank you Dawn and Shirley I'll call you Dawn....
  16. Thanks Shirley for the vote of confidence. I remember feeling the same way when I bought my millie brand new and it had issues. As you said with you and QP, I worked through them and love my machine. Mine is older 2004. Since I'm so new at QP what do you mean about a new circuit board to upgrade the program? What version do you have?
  17. Georgene I'm just starting out wirh QP. It sewed after installation while Barb M. was still here. But now it won't "pull bobbin" or "sew. QP moves the machine but won't stitch. :-
  18. Sharon thank you for sharing this with me. I'm just starting out and as you must feel, I hope this large investment wasn't a mistake. Yikes! I had every hope this would make my quilting life easier, not more stressfulr or aggravating. Leaves a knot in my stomach thinking about it. I'll let you know what I find out.
  19. Georgene I would LOVE a printed step by step on how to do e2e designs with quilt path! Wish hard copy had been part of the QP package. Now if I could figure out why my millie won't sew in QP.
  20. Hi Karen I finally have a chance to reply. Yes the trouble I'm having is while in QP. Version 3.05.04
  21. Trying out QP finally on an actual quilt. Needle won't go up or down to pull bobbin thread or sew... checked the small wire plugged into circuit board. It appears to be plugged in at all connected areas. Have 2004 millennium. Any other ideas? Please....
  22. I'm sending the vino with the chocolate!!! Holy moly Linda!
  23. Why I should have known DH made your rulers! Silly me!
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