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  1. Linda, what ruler do you like to use for measuring and stitching? Thanks
  2. I'm doing a custom quilt and would love to see examples of basic feathers I may duplicate in setting triangles. The tri's are fairly large and want to divide them up.... "creating spaces". Thanks! Clear as mud?
  3. Yep I'll bet that's what I forgot. I'll try it again tomorrow. Thank you. Told you I am newbie!!
  4. Hi all I tried twice to set the safe area and after I've done that a message pops that I need to set the safe area to procede. Words of advice please
  5. Got your friend request but not seeing Moxie's. When I search Moxie's (with or without apostrophe) there are a gajillion possibilities. Not finding our secret group. I'll try a 3rd time. I just wanted to catch up with everyone and post that I'll be taking some little used pantos and other items to sell to our next meeting.....in case anyone might be interested. Thanks
  6. I've been doing lots of SID this past week and a lot of it is on the diagonal (blocks are set on point). Holy moly the Bliss makes it so much easier and smooth going. So glad I made the investment!
  7. I did a moxie search on FB and could not find it. What's it specifically called? Lots of other moxie things are there too!
  8. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Sent you a message.
  9. I will look at my collection tomorrow and let you know for sure.... but I'm sure I have "spaced out" I'll sell to you.
  10. I have lots to learn that's for sure! Looking ahead to fun times with my QP.
  11. Hey all...If you want the best service around contact BarbM!!! She installed my new Quilt Path and got me up and running. Not only will she travel to your location, she is the trouble shooting queen! Thank you Barb!
  12. UNBELIEVABLE!! I think I'll start marking my quilts in this way. Thanks Linda for sharing.
  13. That's crazy Linda! Fabulous! Red, white, or rose'? Or all three?? Beautiful
  14. Linda tell me......how do charge for a quilt like this?
  15. Ooooh I feel for you Linda. I'm so sorry. This longarmer sends tons of sympathy!
  16. Wow! Beautiful Bekah! Did uou do free hand on it? How did you tame this puppy?
  17. So great to hear you are on the mend. we need you back in the flow of things!
  18. Bringing it back to the top. anyone know where I can get 1/4 yard?
  19. Hi Linda My friend Cindy will be in town then. Count her in too! Thanks
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