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  1. Good for you! Can't wait to see it... We just got our patent awarded for the "Precise" Pantograph System... It takes a long time and the inspectors that go through the paperwork can be tricky...
  2. Welcome Jared! Sounds interesting! Are you in production yet?
  3. This is the clear cover for the left side... and here is a link to the post I did on a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeginnerLongArmQuilters/permalink/601436716715555/
  4. Simply perfect! I too am always intimidated by such openness, but you tackled it with style!
  5. Safe travels Zeke, and wonderful new adventures!
  6. I saw this on FB! Beautiful! Love the design and quilting... You should be very proud
  7. Sorry I didn't see this message before... I have the Butler from QuiltEz on my Millie... Feel free to email me if I can answer any questions for you. Trinity@2sistersquilting.com
  8. Simply awesome Oma! Someday my studio will be a real one again!
  9. Jim.... WE HAVE TO SEE THIS To add pictures just click on the "More Reply Options" lower right, next to the "Post"... Now you can use the "Attach Files" under the reply text box... Find your picture on your computer You now will see your picture "Done (uploaded...)" Click the "Add to Post" it will add the attachment "code" into your message And last "Add Reply"
  10. Jim... Can we see some pics? Sounds awesome! I replaced my fluorescent on my Millie and added an adjustable "back light" just under $100.
  11. I just ordered the 65489 online, they put " no substitution" on the order.... I hope I get the strong ones!
  12. Wow..... Sorry to hear this news... I do not have a computerized system but have seen quite a few of these for sale lately, maybe this was coming for a while? Always sad when any quilting related company closes the doors.
  13. A Picture is worth a thousand words.... I have a ton of patterns, owning a store for 14 years helps, do you have a picture of the pattern you can post? I'd be happy to share if I have it.
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