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  1. Carmen, please show us what you have quilted when you have finished.
  2. I signed up for Kimmy Brunner class and they are very good, she shows you border and blocks. You even get a list of things you may need and you can go back at any time and review any of her classes. I have her set of mellons templates and I just got her circles set. I just finished my last quilt today , so Iam free to try the circles out.
  3. That is so cute, i would love to have the diid a great job.
  4. That is so cute, I love that way you quilted it.
  5. I agree with Dave, I have had better luck with the lumpy side up and got no pokies however, I have had it happen with cheap material backing.
  6. Beautiful quilt, I love the colors and the quilting you have done.
  7. Love the quilting design and such pretty prints.. love scrappy quilts.
  8. My thoughts and prayers are going out to all of them, we also have relatives in Colorado Springs .
  9. When I run in to something like that I do piano keys, they seem to do the trick.
  10. I made Eleanors Lovers Knot about 4 years ago and did most of it SID, then the triangles and borders I feathered. Its a simple nice quilt to make.