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  1. Do you have the new version yet, version 4. It’s very easy in the new version. If you have version 3, you have to open the design in pattern cad to manipulate it. And then save it.
  2. 2012 APQS Millennium Longarm Quilting Machine with Quilt Path Computerized System and freehand tools – Selling for just $18,000 – Would cost you $34,075 if new) Machine is like new, fewer than 100 quilts stitched on this machine. Some of the extras have never been used. Machine has never needed service and works great. Reason for selling: Owner is a professional Quilt Pattern Designer and thought she’d like to quilt some of her designs, but her designing business takes up the bulk of her time, so she has quilted only a few. If you buy this treasure of a machine, you’ll have
  3. Cynthia, I just spoke with Barbara, the owner, and she loves using cotton thread. She says she's had no problems with it. She uses it both in the bobbin and top.
  4. It has an L bobbin and I do believe the owner has used King Tut cotton thread. I will verify this and how it responded and get back to you.
  5. I am advertising this machine for a friend and quilt customer. The machine has been used very little. GEORGE HAS TO GO George is lonely and feeling left out. My 2012 APQS sit down quilting machine is looking for someone who can give him more time than I’m physically able to right now. He’s a fine guy who has recently been reinvigorated by machine specialist Al Hunt. But now George needs someone to take him for a ride more often than I’ve been able to do. He’s been used very little, but not neglected as far as care. APQS lists his retail value (including a folding, adjustable tab
  6. Helping a friend. A friend is downsizing and thinking to sell her APQS quilting machine. She asked for my help in getting the word out. It’s a great buy on a machine that has been used very little. She does not use it for business, mostly for her personal quilts. If you know of anyone who might be interested, they can email me, respond to this ad, or send a personal message to me. Email: Georgene@GeorgeneQuilts.com 2015 APQS Computerized Millennium FOR SALE MACHINE • 2015 Millennium (new generation White), top of the line. • Comes with o Quilt Glide o Turbo
  7. there is a document at this link that may help.
  8. I think,it would be most helpful,to see a picture of the design on your screen
  9. Did you Optimize and CHECK FOR BREAKS?
  10. Whatever I set my stitch length to be on my Millie, is what I get with QP.
  11. Marie, who did you purchase your QP from, they should be able to invite you to the FB forum. They will need your email address and/or your name on Facebook.
  12. The backing roller. If you have a Freddie, you likely have a deluxe table, therefore you would use the 3" diameter.
  13. My understanding is that the newer version is in the testing stage. But your version is the latest that has been released.
  14. If this is just one pattern and not a row of patterns, you could use the 4 point placement.
  15. In looking at the picture, it appears to me that your pattern is trying to quilt in you safe zone. You might need to place the row (using top left flag) on the top left of your quilt top. then the pattern should move down some. DID YOU ADD the GREEN LINE?
  16. Thanks Carol. I corrected the link.
  17. Yes. Http://Www.threadwaggle.com and click on the quilt path tab near top. Also, subscribe to the APQS channel on YouTube.
  18. Lucey, most every response to a question could be considered a mini tutorial. And there are lots of questions and answers on the FB group. As for tutorials, check out these two areas to start with, but I would also highly recommend joining the FB users group. http://www.threadwaggle.com/p/quilt-path.html http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/36436-quilt-path-instructions/
  19. Ann, because APQS once supported CompuQuiltler before they went out of business, you need to call them. I think they will convert your files for you if you switch to Quilt Path. I sold a machine recently to a lady who had CQ on her APQS. She traded in her old machine for a new machine head with QP. APQS converted the files for her. And they might even want some of your old Compuquilter hardware to use for cannobalization as the Army used to call it. Taking from one machine to repair another -- for those APQS owners who still have CQ.
  20. If you go to the main APQS website and look at machines, the pictures of the Millie will show the thread break sensor. Hope that helps.
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