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  1. I measured mine.  The bolt you adjust to make it fit different sized tables has "play" in it to ensure it will work on all tables. Michael has said it DOES work with the HQ frame, as its "universal" to the tables he has listed, and HQ is one of them.  I believe the arm you attach to the back of your machine/table where you drop the stylus in, may need maybe a different bolt, but im certain someone could rig something up to make this work.  It simply just screws into the side of your bottom back of your machine where you clamp your led light to do panto's.



  2. I just received my wideback order from Myrna's on line store.  So luciously soft!  I got the stonehenge, but she has several super soft nice wide backings 108"....and i believe she has a sale going on...."at least she did last week.."...anyway, give her a look-see if your needing or wanting...I love mine...so i ordered another for another quilt top.  


  3. I dont quilt over Applique' either...however, i've quilted over the embroidery blocks and it really doesnt affect the embroidery at alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone's afraid to quilt over it, but as long as it's white or off white thread...you will be ok.  I dont know if someone embroidered on black fabric, to use black thread over the embroidery, but....that's yet to be seen or tried....

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