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  1. Libby, this is so pretty in every way. Your quilting really made that pattern shine!
  2. Congratulations on both of your wins on that pretty quilt!
  3. This quilt is just so neat! I absolutely love everything about it! Ya'll did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've asked for this 5 yrs ago. At that time Dawn thought they were working on one. Then i think it just got dropped. Still praying one comes to fruition!! Especially like 3 feet...each with different sized holes for different thicknesses of threads/yarns..etc. like HandiQuilters have!!
  5. I actually found it! the first row, 2nd dog is actually my daughter's dog to a tee. i got the pattern, printed it and sent it to her. She loves it! Thank you for sharing your cute quilt!!!
  6. oh my gosh thats cute! It looks exactly like my daughter's dog! What's that pattern called?
  7. I LOVE what you did to that, breaking it up into areas of play!!
  8. WOW Sue! That's beautiful! You have a GEM of a tablecloth now girl!!!!
  9. I did lose some range of motion. Thank god for backup cameras on my car! And light up warnings on my side mirrors for anything thats in my blindspot or next to me.
  10. I did what Barb did and just taped mine to the machine. Then bought Donita Reeves permenant base plate.
  11. Oh My Gosh! I've had 2 levels with metal plate/screws from a car accident. NEVER have i EVER heard of anyone having 6 levels fused/plated! They used part of my own hip bone to make the disc's. Super fast healing! I sure wish you the best of luck with that! With 6 levels bad, how could you seriously move at all? That just makes NO sense to me what so ever.
  12. NOTE: The foot you have on it is the Gadget Girls 3/4" foot..not a 1/2" foot, so some rulers may not work with that foot.
  13. Yeah, Michigan is like nebraska, colder than a witch's tit in winter.
  14. one gal sold a 2004 for 6,000, included was an expanded base, bobbins, thread, books, pantos and she tossed in free training on the machine!
  15. I sell the 1/2" foot to go with this machine, so the new user can use rulers to make his/her designs with. Let the new owner know, as it will enable their quilting to expand to more designs! It replaces the old spoon foot you have on it.
  16. OMG I LOVE how you stitched the Owls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to post this on Pinterest so I can save it to a board I have!!! hahahahaha!
  17. WOW! Your Joann's carrys batting from the Warm Company?!!!
  18. I use Warm and Natural and Warm and White ALL THE TIME! If you get bearding on the back...1) you may need a new needle. 2) your backing fabric is "thin"...possibly not good quality quilting fabric.
  19. YES! It was Mikes light!!! Thanks! When I popped on here, i didnt have his contact info with me.
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