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  1. Perfect pattern choice! I like that no small pieces that takes ya forever to use up stash!!!
  2. Marybeth, The couching feet that are made for specific machines, have an opening in the front (or side)..and I personally think towards the front would make more sense, but sense...but I'm not the expert here. With that said, they usually have 2 or 3 couching feet, each with a different sized hole, depending on the millimeter of couching thread/yarn being used. It stabilizes that thread to lay just exactly where you want it to. Pretty Nifty if ya ask me. Ive couched using the small squiggle. It works, but it's VERY time consuming!
  3. Tami, have you seen Innova's machine? It has a holder for the thread (if put on a spool) If you use yard (skeins)you will need to lay it on the top and work with it as you go.
  4. I asked this question 2 years ago. They were talking about it, but for some reason, it never came to fruition. I'm glad to see that others would dive in on this as well as I. You'd need the foot and the spool holder and guide to get the thread to the front opening of the foot. So 3 pieces.
  5. aaahm yes Tonilyn! It enables a larger viewing screen!
  6. Today I'm expecting Lisa Calle's new rulers, Diamonds in my mailbox! This is the first in this series for her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa's rulers.
  7. If you don't already have the ruler foot for the ULT II, pass the new owner my contact email below, so they can purchase it to do ruler work with the ULT II! Will help sell your machine!
  8. Stunning quilting, and BEAUTIFUL color choices on that! <3 it!!!!
  9. Mary Beth... This is what I found out to be 100% true. The Auto immune disease you and I both have, is a result from Epstein Bahr, which started wayyyy back when they first started putting chemicals on our food/plants/crops, etc. As a result, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's of the thyroid (I have that), as well as other flare up neurological symptoms ALL stem from Epstein Bahr. You have to ASK your doctor to be SPECIFICALLY tested for Epstein Bahr. They wont look for it, as it's such a hidden disease, so....with that said..my daughter asked for it, got tested positive. Then relayed info that if she has it, then her mother has it, and her grandmother...and possibly great grandmother. There is a you tube on Epstein Bar this doctor researched for years. Yeah, I have it. It's why we have fibromyalgia, plantars fasciitis, arthritises...thyroid issues...weight gain...hot flashes.
  10. They're all beautiful....but I'm so in love with the houses!!!!!!
  11. All that white area for quilting feathers! BEAUTIFUL!
  12. Pass. but thank you. It actually gives you a larger viewing surface.
  13. Mary Beth, you're too kind and good to me girl. But you also know my LOVE for saving/quilting antique tops!!! I told Mary Beth,,,i know what you said, but,,,, can I just do what I want? she said sure.
  14. Old monitor or new monitor upgrade? 7 or 10" tablet?
  15. Lark, email me. i'll send you a pic of it, and you can give that and my contacy info to the new buyer.
  16. Are you opposed to some ruler work in those center designs? If not..see how they make up a "x-mas tree ornament shape" (4 pieces makes up one ornament, tear drop top and tear drop bottom) 9 total ornaments per square. echo that ornament shape in EACH ornament, whether 1/4" or 1/2" echo's.
  17. I sell the ruler foot for the ULT II if the new buyer wants to use rulers when quilting! A good sale pitch help!
  18. I occasionally quilt for out of state people as well. They also send the quilt, then will pay me when I'm done which includes the cost of the box to ship it back to them. I like the idea of the prepaid label tho the best!
  19. Absolutely stunning! Love the history/story behind your creativity of this quilt!
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