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  1. I am offering my stitch regulated Lenni with Intelliquilter, pantograph version, for sale.  Wonderful setup, meticulously maintained, and loaded with pantographs.

    Visit Grapevine Quilting on Facebook to see Lenni's completed quilts and a video of her in action.

    $11,000  NOW $10,000

    If interested, contact me at: grapevinequilting@gmail.com or 856-994-2600

    10' table

  2. Before purchasing I did confirm with my IQ rep that I could upgrade at any time, just in case ;)

    I would recommend talking with an IQ rep to go over your specific needs before deciding. I have a Lenni on a steel table, she is nice and lightweight and the refurbished motor is working beautifully.

    For me, I quilt full time doing only pantos, so BasiQ was the most economical option. And with my kids ages 13, 9, and 6 I need to have some energy left at the end of the day - watching the machine run on it's own and saving my back and muscles the strain make it worth every penny!

  3. WOW! I knew everyone said the IQ would make a difference for my turnaround time, but seeing is believing!!

    Installation was last Tuesday, I have completed 9 quilts - and I am eating and sleeping ;)

    So happy with my decision! My business is pantograph only so I went with the BasiQ, refurbished. I love the ease of adding pantos and how easy it was to learn, but the major change is in how I feel after not standing and doing pantos all day.

    Just had to share my excitement with ladies who speak my language! lol

  4. Studio cleanout!

    Intelliquilter has arrived, and my pantographs are in need of a new home.

    Thank you to everyone who helped with my studio cleanout!!

    The last two lonely pantos are:


    Urban Elementz Pantograph Sets

    (include pantograph, border, corners, and blocks)

    Orig $48 - selling for $25


    Jalapeno Peppers



    $10 each:


    10" Scribble Grande






    Thanks for looking!


    Kimberly Lathrop

    Grapevine Quilting


  5. Hello,

    It's been a while, doing almost exclusively pantos...until this one!


    It is 90"x90" - large floral border and center is squares and rectangles.   I've done the sid around the applique and have a panto that goes perfect for the center - just don't know how to handle the borders, and the transition into the center...quilter has requested no feathers and not a lot of quilting - hmmm


    What do you think??

    Here it is:



  6. Oh how I love a great solution!!

    Just returned from ACMoore with my new little favorite tool - a "Making Memories" craft knife from the scrapbook aisle. It works beautifully, and less than $5!! It also comes with 6 replacement blades that I pray I never have to use!! :D

    Vicki - I agree!! Tried tweaking the tension, but it kept talking back so this experience is going in the 'note to self' category!!!

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