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  1. Heidi, THANK YOU!!!!!! Just found it on youtube...that will save me a lot of time and probably a chiropractor appointment! :
  2. Well, I guess it was a matter of time... I am taking out 4 rows of a panto due to the mess on the back of the quilt! Solid black backing, customer wanted ivory on the top and I attempted to put black on the back....between pokies and the top thread coming through it was a mess.... I am however perfecting my seam ripper technique...what makes it go faster???
  3. Hi - I have a Lenni and I do pantos pretty much exclusively, I have found that working from right to left on the panto side helps avoid needle flex and keeps the stitches much prettier than when I would go the other direction (I also learned to slow down, whch can make a difference too)
  4. I've been battling tension issues ever since running into an open seam on a customer's quilt....it's pretty much resolved now but last night I overheard my hubby talking to my mother in law, saying: "Well the seam was open so the hopping foot caught the fabric and the tension is bad now. She had to adjust everything, change the needle, and got lots of help from the forum online. I think the railroad tracks are gone now - she's just practicing before starting again" I love that he listens when I chatter!!! What a guy!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Dawn!! and on a sunday no less I've been working and making some progress, I'm working with cotton fabric and quilter's dream batting. The back fabric is purple and customer picked ivory thread so any imperfections are very noticable - and pokies are appearing. This one is a challenge for sure and my monday is dedicated to fixing it!
  6. I'm having the same issue with railroad tracks on the bobbin side, only when stitching from right to left (on the freehand side) on those parts of the panto, the rest of the stitches look pretty so I can't tighten the top tension any more..... Using a 4.0 needle, superbob prewound, and Superior SoFine on the top.... I'm slowing down but still no luck - what should I try next?? thanks!! Kim
  7. Thank you Ladies!!! Sandra - No circle lord or quiltazoid, just using paper pantos but seriously considering the IQ - business is picking up quick! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see which my customer prefers and try to post when completed!!
  8. Hello, Just picked up a quilt from a customer who requested circles...I am strictly a panto kind of girl so is there one that you would recommend? thanks!
  9. Hello all, I have been informed by the owner at my LQS that the main quilter at the shop is moving, and to be ready for a lot more business! Which has started me thinking about adding an IQ to my Lenni, I do pantographs, no custom now. So I'm wondering: 1) Benefits of an IQ system for panto business? 2) Rate increase for IQ over handguided pantos? 3) Do I need a table upgrade? (10' regular table) 4) Average time for completing a twin with IQ 5) How many quilts can you reasonably do in a week with the IQ? Any other IQ helpful hints would be welcomed too! thanks!!
  10. Survey says.... What type of sewing machine do you use and recommend?? I'm considering a new one (currently using a Kenmore) - I don't need anything fancy, just one that is great for piecing. Thought I'd go right to the experts Thanks Ladies!
  11. Hi Libby, The quilt is a 54" square, so each block is 18" finished. Just saw it on display in the classroom of the shop, and noticed 3 more of the quilts i've done on display - very exciting!
  12. Mandalei, I'd love to see the link for the blanket you made - it wasn't in your post. Getting the kids involved is such fun, I looked into the pellets also. The little guy I'm making the quilt for asked, "Miss Kim - are you making me the magic quilt", and then got to work picking some fabrics!
  13. Hi Ani - The weight helps to settle the senses for those with Autism, or other sensory issues, it makes a world of difference in helping a little one be able to sit still (he has a lap pad that he puts across his lap at tables) and get relaxed enough to fall asleep. I wonder about the cause too, I've heard about environmental theories, vacinations, but no one cause has been identified. More and more I've heard moms talk about fertility drugs and other medications taken during pregnanacy, I hope the research finds some answers quick!
  14. Hi Janette, IQ carriage is good - one crazy wheel gave me fits not too long ago, but it is behaving for now. I would love to have the whole IQ, but my machine just came with the carriage, oh the wish list that we develop! Hi Libby, I don't remember the exact size of the blocks - I've already returned it to the shop. I know the pattern came from a magazine, but if I had to guess I'd say 14"-16". I will actually be in the shop tomorrow and will check the exact size.
  15. Hello, I am making a weighted quilt for a friend's son with Autism. The weight needs to be 10% of his body weight, so we will be adding pockets and using bean bag weights. I also purchased the heaviest weight Quilters Dream batting. Just wanted to throw it out there for any input before I start stitching.... Has anyone completed one? And if I can be so bold - any photos??? Thanks ladies!
  16. Hello all, Here's a photo of a sample I quilted for my local quilt shop. I love the pinwheels and used the 'Curlz' panto to make it look like the wind. I've only had my machine since last May, and I have learned so much but the one thing I really under-estimated is how much fun I would have at my new job!
  17. Hello! Here is a sample that I just completed for my local quilt shop. Pinwheel pattern with a Curlz pantograph - loved the effect, I'm thinking spring!!
  18. Thank you ladies!! It's going on the frame today...pictures to follow!
  19. Hello! I've been doing pantos and have not stepped to the front of the machine to do custom/freehand yet - but I'm feeling brave. Any suggestions for getting started? Do you SID around the blocks before doing any designs - and are the borders the last thing you do?? Thanks for helping the rookie!
  20. Hi, I've done 2 tshirt quilts - the tension did take some adjusting to get it right at the beginning. The stitches do look a bit different going from the sashing to the shirts, so my main focus was the look of the stitches on the shirts. I have a Lenni - I did not get loops though. I did a panto over the entire quilt. I used a 4.0 needle, SoFine in the top and bottom line prewounds in the bobbin. Your quilt looks great, I bet your sister will be thrilled. I do love doing them - mostly I think for the reaction of the recipient - it's a great way to preserve some memories.
  21. I love this forum! I've been using 4.0 needles from the beginning, with SoFine in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin - I'm going to try the 3.5's and see how it looks!
  22. Okay I'm in too! Lenni arrived in May of 2010, my room used to be a one car garage, cabinets from Habitat for Humanity Restore, and plans for a little more remodeling in the future....
  23. Hi Sandra, I purchased mine from Virginia Longarm too, I love them and I think I'm going to try a couple with the zipper the way it is and see if I can get over it. I have a quilt shop delivery today so we'll see the response.. Kim
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