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  1. Okay, last one I promise! I'm still in my first year and very excited!
  2. Here's the cutting / misc area I keep books, patterns, and batting underneath. The countertop came from IKEA. The drawers work really well for cutting tools, Lenni's tool kit, all extra bobbins and needles. I still have plenty of space - I'm amazed that everything fit, and it looks nice and organized (depending on the day, haha) when customers come by.
  3. Here's my ironing station All thread is in the cabinets underneath
  4. For me it's storage! I found and entire set of oak cabinets at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. Hubby fixed one set into a pressing station and put countertop over the other for cutting and misc. The cabinets all have pullout drawers that I use to store thread. If you have a local Restore I highly recommend it - $150 for 20 feet of lower cabinets. I also found smaller cabinets for under my Lenni table to keep pantos and my fabric stash. Have fun with your design, can't wait to see pictures!
  5. Joann - hi, I do include hangers so that is a possibility. This is the first time I have purchased any bags to return quilts - so I am a newbie in that area. I spoke with the owner and apparently something got lost in translation with her manufacturer, all her bags zip from the bottom up. She won't have the problem corrected until her next order - which will not be until the fall because of the volume she orders. I think I will be returning the bags and just 'go green' - the cost came out to $5.50 per bag after shipping and the hanger purchase and it just doesn't sit well with me that th
  6. Does anyone use garment bags to return quilts? If so, do they open from the top or the bottom? And where do you order from? I ordered some and they all open from the bottom. I am concerned about using them - I will be putting the extra batting and fabric in the bottom of the bag, so when opened the first thing the customer will see is the scraps that will most likely also fall out..... Opinions please!
  7. Hi, Lenni is on IQ carriage wheels, standard table I believe (2009)
  8. Help! My Lenni is catching at both ends of the table (10' table). When going to the ends there is noticable drag, and the wheels seem to come up a bit off the frame. I'm about to load a quilt that will take the entire table, so any advice is welcomed. I have my tool kit out, and I'm ready to try to go to work... thanks!!
  9. Thanks everyone! I'll post pictures when done - picked them up last night and they look like they are going to be fun!!
  10. Thanks Linda!! So let me make sure I've got it: 72" diameter 3.14(36x36)=3.14(1296)=4069.44 square inches I'll float the tops, and I made sure to tell her to keep the quilt backs square ... you never know...
  11. Hello, I have a customer bringing me 3 Christmas Tree Skirts! First time quilting anything circular.... any advise on quilting tree skirts, and also tips to calculate square inches on a round quilt...?? Thanks ladies!!
  12. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone would like to share their expertise on bobbin changes... My bobbin seems to run out mid row on whatever panto I am using, and I want to keep the changes prettier than they are turning out right now. Any advise? Thanks!!
  13. Ardelle - beautiful! I love the Animal Crackers panto - just did it on a baby quilt!!
  14. Thanks Linda, I agree about the hand stitching!! I don't even think I'm going to offer it, I'll stick to just offering to stitch it down. The arm and two leg pricing is something to keep in mind if a request comes in. Thanks for the price info - wanted to be sure I was in range.
  15. Hi & welcome! I'm a relatively new longarm owner too - My quilt tops were way too tight at the beginning and I was getting puckers too. I went to a panto class and was shocked at how loose the quilt was (you probably could have bounced a quarter off the top of mine in the beginning ) My instructor said you should be able to see the machine moving under the quilt - what a difference!
  16. Julie - good point! I'll keep that in mind!
  17. Peggy - I agree, binding is not one of my favorite things either - I'm going to offer to stitch it onto the quilt, but no hand sewing for me! Rita - That's exactly what I'm planning - what do you recommend charging for that? I've seen .15 per linear inch to stitch it down, and .20 to sew it together and stitch it down - any thoughts?
  18. What is the going rate for attaching binding to a quilt on a longarm? Do you offer it? Any pro/con comments are welcomed!! Thanks!
  19. Sorry to hear about you troubles with your Lenni. My Lenni was used too. I had one issue with the tension, and Dawn was able to walk me through it over the phone and now it's running great. I'm sure they will be able to get your Lenni back to you in great shape. I'll say a prayer for a quick resolution and patience for you
  20. Hi, I found this information on the forum before, here is the email address: PQC@VirginiaLongarm.com The company is Virginia Longarm, and the bags are called Professional Quilt Carriers. They sent samples - there are different styles, and all have pockets for business cards and invoices. Very professional - I plan on using them once I get a good customer base going. Hope that helps!
  21. Hi Linda, Thanks for your response - I definitely want to avoid flapping fabric! I can see what you mean for setting it up. It is absolutely amazing to me how much I have learned so fast, and that there is aways a new technique or helpful hint out there! Thanks again!