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  1. I read the post regarding the customer who was unhappy with the centering of her quilt back and it got me thinking... How do most of you approach this? I have a baby quilt I'm about to load onto the frame and the backing is a panel with a design. Has anyone ever loaded the quilt and basted it in the middle first, and then started quilting from the center? Be gentle with me, I am a newbie and just thought I'd throw it out there
  2. I saw it too, can't remember where but this is what I'm doing: 3 ring notebook 1 box staples clear sheet protectors Sharpie I've traced all my pantos onto the sheet protectors and organized them according to the size/price. I have 3 categories (ABC - large medium dense)- used tab dividers to identify, and wrote the name of the panto and the category on the white edge of the sheet protector. The category is important to put on the sheet itself so that when it's removed to try on a quilt I know which category to return it to. I love this - it has been very well received by customers.
  3. Thanks for the advice Ladies! I'm getting a brochure together and this information will go a long way!!
  4. Just did a bunch of charity quilts - getting started as a longarmer so it was great practice - I did not supply the batting, just my time and thread. I did 12 since July, but I only have a couple regular customers. I am hoping to continue to do 1 or 2 charity quilts a month. I'm going full time now that the kiddies are back in school.
  5. Very pretty - Love the panto! Flannel quilts are so cozy - I'm doing some charity ones right now.
  6. I love this!! I am currently at Stage #8, and going right into stage #10!! It feels like I went through those steps pretty quick, but my Stage #1 hit me in 1999, and took until 2011 to get to stage #2 So let's say stage 1.5 is gathering wisdom and encouragement from the forum before taking the plunge!!
  7. Hi, I have the opportunity to have a booth at "A Touch of Teal", quilt show benefiting Ovarian Cancer. I'm planning on having my business cards and brochures. Has anyone done this before?? Bring on the suggestions....I've just started quilting for customers and this is a great opportunity to let people know I'm here. Thank you!!!
  8. I'm getting my practice in on the charity quilts. What I've found is that the backing is very small (one only had 2" around)...so I've learned how to attach extra fabric to the backing to get it quilted. It's really great practice, these are my first quilts I'm doing for my local quilt shop, so I'll be sure to let them know that my machine requires more fabric - especially with the leader grips - which I absolutely love!!! Happy quilting!
  9. Thank you!! I posted some photos of my room! More to come as I complete some quilts....
  10. Hi! Here's my studio! My Lenni arrived in May, I'm practicing all summer and opening for business in September! This room used to be a one car garage. I faces the front of the house, so I can see the kids walking home from school and the UPS truck bringing goodies!
  11. Hi, I am doing my 'Grand Opening' in September and researching prices for my brochure. Wondering what the current rates are... I will be offering allover meander and pantos to start, moving to custom by the spring. Did anyone offer a 'Grand Opening' special?? All advice is welcomed - thank you!!
  12. Hi, Newbie here - I've noticed that some sections of my pantos are going 'flat', that is the bobbin thread is lying flat on the back of the quilt. (double plume) I check the tension when starting the row, but one consistent part of the panto goes flat. I have my panto class on thursday but would like any input - lots of practicing going on around here! Thanks
  13. Good Morning, I sent a u2u, hopefully they are not all sold Kim
  14. Hi, I tried to post photos but the attachment is too big??? It was just one photo - any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Wow! I'm in a different corner of NJ - the wildlife I get to see from my quilt room is usually just my kids on their bikes We do get our share of deer, frogs, squirrels, beavers, and most recently some big snakes (4 foot long - yuck!). The bugs of New Jerey are also quite interesting - sometimes I don't know if I should step on it or call National Geographic! Great picture of the bear family!
  16. Hi, I'm a new Lenni owner too! I started with Urban Elementz - they were having a 20% off sale that I found out about on the forum They also have a 'panto of the month' club, which includes the panto and 4 complimentary designs (block, corners, triangles) what's really nice is the club price is 19.95 per month and is a good way to build up a variety without going broke all at once! Hope you are enjoying your Lenni as much as I am!
  17. Good Morning! I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a pen for using on an autograph quilt. I'm using Girl Scout fabric for the front (fun!), and muslin on the back and would like to have the girls sign the back for a girl who is moving and leaving our troop. Thanks! Kimberly Lathrop Grapevine Quilting 2009 Lenni w/ IQ Carriage
  18. Just made my first purchase of pantos!! Thanks for the info on the coupon - I love a discount! Kim Grapevine Quilting 2009 Lenni
  19. Hi all, Just confirmed with Lorraine that she will be delivering my Lenni on Monday morning! Too exciting after all these years...I'll be getting my quilt room ready all weekend! Then let the practice begin!! On second thought I should probably dedicate some time to freezing meals for the family, less time cooking means more time for practice!! Kim Grapevine Quilting Williamstown, NJ 2009 Lenni w/ IQ carriage
  20. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself, I am starting my longarm career - all official as of Good Friday! I'm purchasing a 2009 Lenni from Lorraine Harnish, APQS rep in Langhorne PA. This has been a dream of mine since my first quilting class in 1999! I love this forum, you all have wonderful support of each other and absolutely amazing talent!! I look forward to chatting with you all in the years to come! Getting ready to practice, practice, practice... Kimberly Lathrop Grapevine Quilting Williamstown, NJ
  21. Thanks ladies! I'm attempting one of my own - I appreciate the advice!! Kim
  22. Hi, Beautiful job on the quilts, thanks for the recommendation on the thread - any suggestions for stabilizing the tshirts? thanks!
  23. Hi - Could anyone share their experience with Intellistitch? I'm considering an UltimateII and then adding the stitch regulator. All advice is welcomed!! Thank you!
  24. Hello, I'm a newbie, and I would like to see what items you have for sale, could you please send me the spreadsheet? Thanks! Kim khlathrop@verizon.net