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  1. Hi, do you still have these for sale? Thanks!
  2. Do you still have the circle lord design boards? I can offer you $1500 for the set.
  3. Of course - but keep my offer in mind, if your buyer doesn’t want or need the stencils or adaptor. Thanks, and good luck with your sale - you are bound to make someone very happy!! For life!
  4. I sent you an email - I hope you received it. I would like to purchase this
  5. Hi: I am drooling over the stencils for the Hartley fence - would you sell me those plus the stencil adaptor?
  6. Hi Rhea - I am interested in your Hartley base extender, and any stencils for the Hartley fence, along with the stencil adaptor for the Hartley fence. My email is kifkoch@gmail. com. Thank you!
  7. Do you have the stencil adaptor fornthe hartley fence? Interested in that plus the rulers and any stencils. Thanks!
  8. Is this still available? My email
  9. Do you have a Hartley fence stencil adaptor with this machine?
  10. Looking for a stencil adaptor for the Hartley Fence. Willing to buy all of your stencils as well Call or text 805-441-4226, or email
  11. Hi, do you have a Hartley fence stencil adaptor with this quilting machine that you would be willing to sell separately?