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  1. Thanks for all of the ideas, they really helped. Here is the finished quilt.
  2. This quilt has me stumped so I welcome any suggestions on how to quilt it. I can do an all over design, but was hoping to do something more custom. I have been searching photos online for ideas, but have not found the right inspiration yet. Thanks, in advance, for any feedback.
  3. This is a small quilt, they are 2 inch squares. The photo, unfortunately, does not capture the richness of the of the fabric colors. We want to make those squares really pop. The piecer suggested stippling the black borders. Any ideas?
  4. When I look at this quilt, I am not sure whether I should approach it as white star blocks with white sashing and yellow cornerstones OR as white background with stars and yellow blocks. I am leaning toward the latter, but not sure what to do with the yellow. When I googled liberated star quilts, I found a pic of one with a background fill and no quilting in the stars, which made the stars pop.
  5. This quilt is beautifully embroidered, has busy fabrics, and is pieced asymmetrically. The embroidered blocks are placed somewhat randomly. Any thoughts on how to pull this all together with the quilting?
  6. Thank you Dawn, Sue and Linda! I am stepping through all your suggestions. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
  7. My Green Millenium is running beautifully EXCEPT when I stitch from right to left. The top thread will occasionally gob up on the back and then break. When I slow down, I can hear the bobbin kind of spin funny (if that makes sense) just as the problem occurs. I have cleaned the bobbin cage area, I tried a new needle. I am using Bottom Line in the top and bobbin. The last quilt, I also had this problem and was using Bottom Line in the bobbin and Rainbows on top. Do you think I need to mess around some more with my tension or is there maybe a burr?
  8. Here is another pic. The kaleidoscopes are printed.
  9. A customer is bringing this quilt today. Any ideas?
  10. A customer brought this quilt today. It is a wedding gift for her son, who she described as a minimalist. I have never quilted anything like this. When I do a Google search on modern or minimalist quilts, I see a lot of lines and simple waves. I do not yet have any toys for my machine...so we are talking free motion. Any ideas?
  11. I am going to ask for help again. In the past you all have been so helpful. I would like to CC these blocks, however, I am having trouble making it work. I'd appreciate any CC or other ideas. Thanks! Laura
  12. I was quilting this morning when I noticed some dark gray liquid goozing out of the hole where the L-shaped guide is attached. I will attach a pic. The machine seems to be running fine at this point but I don't want to do any more until I figure this out. Thanks for any help you can give. Laura
  13. Thanks for all you ideas on this. Here are some pics.
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