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  1. Hi Necie - I use monopoly on the top and bottom line on the back and have never had any tension issues or thread breakage (you do have to really loosen up the top tension). I always use a panto and they come out great. I'm not sure how monopoly on top and bottom would work but maybe someone else knows....just slow down if you have any shirts w/ that "painted on" plasticy kind of lettering like on a sports team jersey and you won't have any problems. have fun.
  2. Hi. I do one Quilt of Valor a month and have also started doing quilts for American Hero Quilts regularly. It is satisfying to do these. {You can also use them to try something that you are fairly sure you can accomplish (like a feathering technique) but haven't dared to do on a customer quilt yet. It's good practice. Only once did I have to rip out because I got started and realized that my quilting needed a little more practice on muslin first. But it does give me confidence to do them for "pay". } I can't think of the website for American Hero right now...but you could google's out of Washington state.
  3. Hi...glad it is not only me...they must be having a real problem...I hope it's up soon...I'm addicted to it...
  4. Hi everyone....has anyone else been having problems getting on ? I can't get on in the last day or so and was wondering if it is down?
  5. I put mine in the washing machine as soon as I get home from the fabric shop whether I am going to use it soon or not. Nothing goes down into my sewing room unless it is washed and dryed/shrunk and ironed. That way when my impulsiveness hits and I grab some fabric and start making something I don't have to worry about if it is "pre-bled and pre-shrunk". I just put it in the washing machine w/ a smidgen of Tide and dry it on high. Yes, I have to iron...but I enjoy pressing all that pretty fabric and imagining a new quilt coming out of it while we are watching TV....but don't ask me to iron clothes....THAT is a chore!
  6. exciting to be looking at machines....they are a "big deal" in expensive AND large....not something you easily trade in or trade up because of the expense and size of the thing.....I would buy the very best you can afford with the most bells and whistles that you think you might use and that you can won't be sorry. I bought a new Millenium about a year ago and its amazing....I didn't get the hydraulic lift....which would have been nice....I can't imagine learning w/o the stitch regulator but thats because I didn't have to.....I do like to use it both ways...I use it alot and nothing has gone wrong that I couldn't fix very easily myself .... they are just wonderful!!! Good Luck and have fun with it!
  7. I would like "in" too! My bday is May 12. I like cotton and I love "earthy" colors...... Size....10 1/2 would be great! I promise to send you all one too for your birthday. Please email me for my address: Thanks everyone. This will be fun. Annette
  8. How do you tie off and bury the thread? Like in hand quilting. My APQS rep showed me to start and stop by taking an extra stitch in place then pulling up bottom thread and cutting this not a good idea? I am just quilting for myself and charity quilts at this time......but may want to do customer quilts in the near I want to make sure I am doing it "right" Thanks.
  9. Hi...thanks to the help of several of you nice ladies I have finally figured out how to shrink my photos so that apqs will post it here.......several of you have asked how that batik quilt turned out and here is a picture of one part of not so great...I used a purple Isicord and it quilted up so great w/ no problems at all but is fairly subtle and doesn't show up great in the was really fun to out my circle templates and just went a little crazy w/ fillers and lines.......
  10. I am sure this has been covered but I can't find any instructions: Can someone tell me how to resize a digital photo so that it fits to post on this site? Mine come out too big or the site tells me it is too big and won't post. Thanks so much!
  11. As promised, pictures of the finished quilt......hope I size this right this time.......
  12. WOW that came out way too big....can anyone tell me how to shrink that monster ??? Also, a quilting disclaimer: that is the first quilt I ever made and it was quilted on my DSM....NOT on the Millenium.....