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  1. I’ll try to be more conscious of stopping and see if it resolves. thanks for your response Sue, I wasn’t being ungrateful.. I thought my forum settings included sending a notification when there were responses to my posts but it wasn’t.
  2. Can anyone suggest what the possible cause of bobbin thread pulling to the top in points? Otherwise the tension is normal. I’ve tried adjusting top and bottom tension, checked hopping foot height, needle position. Thanks! Anita
  3. Thanks Barb...I have no doubt it isn’t APQS. It’s like someone has created an identity with the logo and look and they're representing themselves as APQS.
  4. Good afternoon...Odd question, but I’ve received three questionable Facebook postings today that appear to have come from APQS but are obviously not. They have nothing to do with APQS or quilting. Is anyone else on Facebook receiving them in their newsfeed? The last one was a video from “The Epoch Times”...at least that is what was the watermark on the video. Until I can figure it out, I unfollowed APQS.
  5. Good morning all... I’m upgrading my 2006 Millenium to Bliss and at the same time downsizing from 14’ To either 12’ Or 10’ Table (don’t have the space I had in my other home). I don’t know what to do with the displaced table and rollers, though I was told they could go to salvage. Is there interest out there in upgrading to a 14’ Setup? I’m in western NC. They could be free. Thanks! Anita
  6. Well...it’s been quite a task and I’m doing the best of my abilities at this red hot moment. It’ll be way over quilted with way too many stops and starts and SITDing...but I will have gained some much needed experience. Nearing the end now...whew...will post when finished. Anita
  7. Hello All! This is a wall hanging that I’m hoping to enter into a local guild show. To date, I’ve done very limited all over quilting or pantos or Hartley Fence circles or straight lines on my own quilts. What I plan to do on this is to use straight lines following the direction of each block side...Hope that makes sense. I’ve planned out the path to have fewer starts and stops, beginning with stitching in the ditch and then the blocks. Before I do, because I realize this is going to be time consuming (glad it’s not that big), have you quilted something similar and if so, can you share what you did...with a picture if you have one? Even if you haven’t, I’d love suggestions. Thanks! Anita
  8. I have the puzzle piece types on my cement floor in the basement and have no trouble with them at all. They're soooo much better than cement...my legs tire a whole lot less and they don't get as cold either. I don't have anything to compare them to and wanted the gel mats...but at the time the price was more in my budget. Anita
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