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  1.’s been quite a task and I’m doing the best of my abilities at this red hot moment. It’ll be way over quilted with way too many stops and starts and SITDing...but I will have gained some much needed experience. Nearing the end now...whew...will post when finished. Anita
  2. Hello All! This is a wall hanging that I’m hoping to enter into a local guild show. To date, I’ve done very limited all over quilting or pantos or Hartley Fence circles or straight lines on my own quilts. What I plan to do on this is to use straight lines following the direction of each block side...Hope that makes sense. I’ve planned out the path to have fewer starts and stops, beginning with stitching in the ditch and then the blocks. Before I do, because I realize this is going to be time consuming (glad it’s not that big), have you quilted something similar and if so, can you share what you did...with a picture if you have one? Even if you haven’t, I’d love suggestions. Thanks! Anita
  3. Is there somewhere $ can be donated for fabric and other supplies? Thanks to all for organizing and contributing! Anita
  4. I agree with Claire. Thanks for sharing your expertise. And a shout out to so many others on this chat for the same. You're all greatly appreciated. I don't often get to share, if ever. One day I'll have more opportunity. But I do sneak some time at lunch to read and store your tips. Anita
  5. Coincidentally I started rinsing with filtered water and vinegar about 6 months ago. Has really helped my hair, it's less fly away and I've actually gotten a shine back. I'll definitely try the baking soda too since I'm allergic to the sudsing agents and surfactants in shampoos, consequently I'm limited to only a few choices, which aren't cheap. Thanks for the info Linda.
  6. I have sensitive skin and have used Dr Bronners castile soap for decades. I have had to change from the peppermint to almond over the years because the peppermint began to dry my skin out. Reasonably priced when you don't use it full strength. We overlook sthe 'spiritual' messages on the label :-) I also use Origins products for the same reason...but to me it's expensive. Anita
  7. I just spoke with APQS, Tony OTool and its a go. He said he'd let Josh, Angela and Lorraine, who will be in the APQS booth, know what the plan is. I won't be there until Friday at the earliest though.
  8. I love the idea, yes, lets do. Anita
  9. I too will be there, either Friday or Saturday, depending whether my sister can join me or not. If I find out soon enough, I'd like to try to meet some of you. I recognize Angela and her mom from Wish Upon in Raleigh. They so graciously offered me the last sought after book off the shelf and put their name on the wait list. I missed not being there the last few years. It's the only show I get to regularly and enjoy being in the midst of all those wonderful people. Have fun everyone! Anita
  10. Lifting you in prayer daily, Cheri. I'm so sorry for your loss. Anita
  11. Great graphical quilt design. Love your design and congrats on doing something so out of the box. This may be an obvious statement, but whether you choose straight lines or curves, different thread colors or the same, your quilting can really be used to further enhance and differentiate the recessed from the non-recessed areas. Can't wait to see the finished product. Anita
  12. Just calling out to Connie AKA Gator. I know you're busy with emergency management and not likely to be on the chat, but wanting you to know we're praying for you in your duties and personally, for safety for all in the shadows of Sandy. God bless and stay safe everyone. Anita
  13. Thank you Sandra for posting that Harley quilt. It gave me some good ideas and I was able to pick up one of those Eagle patches from a Harley shop yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous quilt. Anita
  14. We celebrated our 38th anniversary and went out to dinner tonight. I'm married to a wonderful man...he amazes me every day with how genuinely kind he is...among too many other great qualities to list. Between work and going to dinner, I ran to the local Harley Davidson shop to pick up a very large embroidered eagle/bar and emblem logo patch to make a quilt for a coworker starting chemo, and then ordered some flame fabric. Anita
  15. I'm late seeing this, but prayers for a speedy recovery are coming your way! Anita