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  1. you already tried a different thread, right? I had a cone of Fantastico that was catching at the bottom every once in a while. I wound it onto bobbins until I got past that part.
  2. I have a studio at the Hot Shops in Omaha on the second floor, but next month I'm moving up to the third floor. The freight elevator is 10'x8', so I think I can get the rails in the elevator if I dismantle the machne some. When I moved here, Dave Jones (Mr. Deloa) moved the whole thing for me and set it up. So, I've never really taken the whole thing apart. any hints on what to be careful about? I plan to take the machine off the frame, and then take the rails and table off.
  3. your machine might have come with two allen wrenches. The smaller one should be the one that works with your brake lever.
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