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  1. I just got the stand alone bobbin winder and I really like it. It took me about five minutes to screw in the posts and wind the first bobbin.

    Also, I think I have finally solved a problem I've been having on EVERY bobbin winder I've ever used: I wasn't wrapping the thread around the tension disk one whole revolution. Now that I know that, I'm going to try it on my domestic machines too.

    I am amazed at how FAST it wound the bobbin, and how evenly wound it was. On most winders, I have to hold the thread myself to get a smooth bobbin. (Which may be because of that tension disk issue I was having.)

    Anyway, I'm delighted with it. My longarm is in the basement and my domestic machines are upstairs, if they were together, I'd probably wind all of my bobbins on it.

    I don't use pre-wounds, I prefer to wind my own, so that I can use whatever colors I want, and whatever threads I want.

    Robbi Joy Eklow:P

  2. I quilt over fusible all the time. Whether or not you have problems may be more related to the brand and type of fusible you used, not the machine itself.

    I use WonderUnder which doesn't gum up the needle or cause many issues. I am often quilting through 4 or 5 layers of fused fabrics. I DID have some problems with the last quilt I did, when I tried going up a few needle sizes to avoid some rayon thread shredding. The needle broke because it couldn't break through the fabric. I normally use a pretty small needle. So test your needle by turning the wheel by hand.

    Heat and Bond Heavy, WILL gum up your needle. Try to avoid it.

    One thing I can offer is the suggestion to make up a test block and quilt on that. I have a sample that has scraps fused in several layers.

    Robbi Eklow