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    Robbijoyeklow got a reaction from dbams in needle up/down adjustment on white Millie   
    I played with the #8 switch, and slowed it down so much that it was hardly going up and down, but it still wasn't stopping. SO, I called Amy. Amy had me stand in front of the machine and tell her which lights were activating and by that, she could tell I need a new small circuit board. It's Friday and they are sending it priority mail, so I'll probably have it Tuesday. In the meantime, I can keep quilting, I just have to hit the needle up button twice if I want to dip the needle. (the needle down sensor isn't sensing). I was thinking about what I need the needle down for. It isn't just getting it to stop in the needle down position, it's getting the needle to stay in the quilt when I roll it, or when I want to put the side clips on.
    In any case, I'm delighted that they moved the adjusting screw to the back of the machine, low, so I don't have to crack the top open and stand on a stool. I do need a lighted magnifying glass though. That's very helpful.
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    Robbijoyeklow got a reaction from michellegibson in sold 2000 Millennium 14' table Grayslake,IL   
    I was expecting people who have wanted a Millie but not have the funds to jump at this opportunity. If it doesn't sell quickly, I'll just trade in the head. Don't know what I'll do with the table though. I know as soon as it goes back to Des Moines that someone will be complaining that they want a Millie but they are soooo expensive.
    BTW, my 2009 Saab started out at $27,000 (Dealer demo, the sticker was actually $40,000) Now it's worth about $1000 in trade in. So I'd say money is better invested in a longarm.
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    Robbijoyeklow reacted to RunningThreads in sold 2000 Millennium 14' table Grayslake,IL   
    At that price it should be gone by the end of the day.
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    Robbijoyeklow reacted to SYork in sold 2000 Millennium 14' table Grayslake,IL   
    i wish I could have found a deal like this when I was looking for a machine.
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    Robbijoyeklow reacted to witha'K'quilting in sold 2000 Millennium 14' table Grayslake,IL   
    i am with you nigel. that is truly a steal! i would buy it in a heartbeat if i had a place for it! 14' table to boot!