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  1. Stop at the Intelliquilter booth and say hi to my boss. Dale
  2. I have a Sapphire and just love it! I have a Designer SE and decided to save it for embroidery but loved the sensor foot. I've had it about 3 years and it has never caused me a problem. Great tension and stitch quality and you can't beat the sensor foot. Dale
  3. I just got my hubby an Ipad2 for his birthday. What is the app for the free phone calls? Would like to know before we go out of the country next summer. Dale
  4. That is beautiful and an inspiration for me to get the pieces out of the little zip lock bags. I did a BOM last year and never even started. Thanks for sharing. Dale
  5. Thanks Linda and Heidi. I'll give it a try and let you know. DaleBurnett
  6. I'm just about to start on a new quilt. Can I use Bottom Line on top and So Fine in the bobbin? I've done the opposite and it works well. Thanks. Dale
  7. Are there any guilds in your area? Several people have sold similar machines to guild members when they wanted to upgrade. Dale
  8. My hubby got me a portable air tank that we fill from his big compressor in the garage. No noise in the house and it lasts for quite a while before needing a refill. Dale
  9. Be sure that it is NOT Elmer's Glue-All.
  10. Linda, Thanks for posting about the School Glue. I never thought about it in terms of bias but it has become my favorite sewing notion in the past 3 years thanks to Sharon Schamber. It helps to avoid all of those painful pin pricks from doing bindings and applique to sewing down quilt labels. Dale
  11. Tracie, I wish you good luck in selling. You should have told us and we could have announced it at the guild meeting. Dale
  12. My goodness, makes my stash look soooo small. Dale
  13. I have a small tank that I fill with the large tank in the garage....No noise problems in the house. I don't think that it was very expensive. DSB
  14. I had the wonderful opportunity to drive the Bliss yesterday in Chicago and it was Wonderful! Just trying to figure out how to add it to my machine. Dale B
  15. Thanks Shana. I tried a u2u a while ago and she didn't respond. Dale B
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